The following information is from the Frederick County Circuit Court from July 3-10:

Marriage licenses

• Jocelyn Maree Williams, 33, of Alexandria, and Rebecca Lynn Shipe, 32, of Alexandria.

• Gary James Locke, 61, of Colorado Springs, Colo., and Melody Ann Miller, 56, of Martinsburg, W.Va.

• Jeremy Alan Fleming, 36, of Winchester, and Dessie Denise Crow, 30, of Winchester.

• Mark Robert Henry, 46, of Gore, and Nichole Ann Brill, 40, of Gore.

• David Andrew Marquess, 32, of Front Royal, and April Michelle Snyder, 33, of Front Royal.

• Muneaki Umino, 30, of Reston, and Kayla Marie Kremer, 29, of Reston.

• Benjamin Jay Walker, 33, of Winchester, and Katelyn Elizabeth Elder, 29, of Ashburn.

• Mark David Becker, 30, of Winchester, and Laci Nicole McCormick, 26, of Winchester.

• Joseph Alan Bates, 46, of Linden, and Natalia Andrea Soto, 23, of Linden.

• Timothy Hinson Baxley, 41, of Lexington Park, Md., and Michelle Marie Cullen, 43, of Lusby, Md.

• Lorenzo Christopher Randazzo, 32, of Richmond, and Megan Nicole Vincentz, 25, of Richmond.

• Michael John Freauff Jr., 32, of Woodbridge, and Elizabeth Ann Stoien, 37, of Woodbridge.

• Jason Derrick Brubaker, 34, of Claysburg, Penn., and Charity Dawn McChessney, 34, of Claysburg.

• Derek Maurice Bailey, 39, of Chesterfield, and Lisa Michelle Pettus, 41, of Chesterfield.

• Michael Walter Leitzel, 53, of Shippensburg, Penn., and Ella Pearl Rapp, 47, of Shippensburg.

• Brian Patrick Hoover, 46, of Winchester, and Jennifer Teberio Tomas, 35, of Winchester.

• James Preston Crabill, 48, of Strasburg, and Vikki Eloise White, 49, of Strasburg.

• Benjamin Steele Stickman, 23, of Winchester, and Emily Marie Ringer, 22, of Winchester.

• John Ross Williams Jr., 21, of Jacksonville, N.C., and Kimberlee Alexis Watkins, 25, of Stephenson.

• Earnest Lee Eaves, 58, of Middletown, and Adelfa Jumanguin Gayares, 40, of Middletown.

• James Dwayne Snodgress Jr., 32, of Canvas, W.Va., and Meagan Lacy Horney, 28, of Canvas.

• Andrew James Brenegan, 24, of Poquoson, and Heather Danielle Hogan, 22, of Liberty, Ind.

• Zollie Lee Rayner Jr., 49, of Newport, Penn., and Samantha Kirsten Danielson, 45, of Newport.

• Alexander George Manzo, 37, of Cross Junction, and Kristen Amber Marie Kerns, 40, of Winchester.

• John Carmine Rizzo, 45, of Stanley, and Cindy Marie Blevins, 41, of Stanley.

• Benjamin Joseph Kapp, 36, of Alexandria, and Jiashuo Qin, 28, of Alexandria.

• Christopher David Williams, 19, of Martinsburg, W.Va., and Tristen Allie Steward, 22, of Martinsburg.


• Crystal Dawn Spindle and Michael Allen Breeden.

• Allen Ray Dwyer and Michelle Sue Dwyer.

• Richard Lee Goodwin Jr. and Tammy Elaine Goodwin.

• Lydia Rachelle Johnson and Albert Allen Johnson.

• Megan Renee Simpson and Andrew Wayne Simpson.

• Kelly Bauer and Robert Bauer.

Real estate over $200,000

Back Creek District

• Joy Ellen Peavley, heir of the estate of Larry Patrick Peavley, to Ernie Shik Kim and Sunny Kim, 124 Cougar Trail, Wilde Acres, $210,000.

• Abigail D’Arcangelis to Dennis D. Hardy, 6092 Valley Pike, Stephens City, $235,000.

• Jay Timothy Scripter and Darlene Ellen Scripter to Aaron Daniel Funkhouser and Emily May-Lin Chan, 393 Creekview Lane, Middletown, 10 acres, $695,000.

Gainesboro District

• Jon A. Frantz and Bonnie L. Frantz to Ronald Weber and Ruth Weber, 550 Sawmill Drive, Gore, Timber Ridge Farms, $205,000.

• Melania H. Reyes to Ryan Davidson and Koryn Davidson, 1003 W. Masters Drive, Cross Junction, Lake Holiday Estates, $260,000.

• Delmarva Holdings LLC to Paul M. Christesson and Debra A. Christesson, 119 Siler Lane, $275,000.

• Alvin Mitchell Spencer Jr. and Betty Anne Spencer to Heath Tortarella and Jan Tortarella, 107 Eagle Drive, Cross Junction, Lake Holiday Estates, $285,000.

• Duane Thomas Cookson and Lynn Moran Cookson to John W. Cummings and Wendy M. Cummings, 403 Wheatfield Lane, Winchester, Village at Harvest Ridge, $439,000.

• Raymond E. Armel and Betty A. Armel to Jeffrey P. Burney, 381 Hidden Valley Lane, $460,000.

Opequon District

• C.S. Jennings Construction Inc. to Krlo F. Jugo Mayorga, 5090 Comer Drive, Stephens City, Hilltop, $234,900.

• Winfield S. Nevins and Audrey A. Nevins to Zachary S. Stratton and Amanda DuBois, 107 Hammer Court, Stephens City, Village at Sherando, $235,000.

• Hollis Family Trust to German B. Barreto, 318 Bluebird Drive, Stephens City, Greenbriar Village, $243,000.

• C.S. Jennings Construction Inc. to Tammy Earhart, 101 Sadi Court, Stephens City, Autumn Glen, $245,000.

• Nhung Miller to Logan T. Corbett and Krystle L. Hintz, 205 Halifax Court, Stephens City, Fredericktowne, $250,000.

• Christopher N. Hines to Tyrell E. Diggs, 106 Overview Court, Stephens City, Ridgefield, $255,000.

• Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Anna Chen, 117 Dollie Mae Lane, Stephens City, Meadows Edge, $265,000.

• Michael A. Wehn and Mary Ellen Wehn to Patrick Lucio Geraghty and Sarah E. Geraghty, 103 Button Bush Ave., Stephens City, Frederick Woods, $275,000.

• Orville L. Tincher to Cary M. Koppie, Jane B. Koppie, Darwin A. Koppie and Nancy D. Koppie, 1847 Double Church Road, Stephens City, $300,000.

• Old Dominion Greens LLC to Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic LLC, Lots 74 and 75 on Bridgewater Drive, Lots 96 and 101 on Ladysmith Drive, Stephens City, Old Dominion Greens, $305,000.

• David M. Bowen and Janice C. Bowen to Daniel Glen Rutledge and Adrianne Marie Rutledge, 100 Hokie Lane, Stephens City, $315,000.

• NVR Inc. to Kevin Warner Ceasar and Tiffany Michelle Ceasar, 148 Emperor Drive, Lake Frederick, Shenandoah, $355,630.

• Richmond American Homes of Virginia Inc. to Larry P. Belote and Yim M. Belote, 104 Savannah Way, Stephens City, Southern Hills, $420,142.

• Michael W. Daulton and Melissa M. Daulton to Eric Chien and Qing Lin, 119 Chancellorsville Drive, Stephens City, Camp at Mosby Station, $425,000.

• Constance A. Wagner to Jason J. Bush and Rene M. Brescia, 108 Grebe Drive, Lake Frederick, Shenandoah, $475,000.

• MREC Shenandoah VA LLC to NVR Inc., no address listed, Lake Frederick, Lots 24-31, Shenandoah, $480,000.

Red Bud District

• James E. Helsley to Rhina E. Salamanca, Walter B. Villalobos Campos and Victor Manuel Campos Vasquez, 104 Meade Drive, Rolling Fields, $206,000.

• Kirstin B. Kidd to Larry Conway Lockhart and Paula Louise Lockhart, 109 Carter Place, Rolling Fields, $270,000.

• Paul M. Christesson and Debra A. Christesson to Pai Sunkara and Janaki Naga, 136 Solara Drive, Fieldstone, $270,000.

• Dennis D. Hardy to Hunter Dennis Izyk and Shanell A. Meyers, 109 Senseny Glen Drive, Senseny Glen, $300,000.

• Michael P. Burns and Sarah K. Burns to Robert Bruce Bowers, 106 Foxglove Drive, Briarwood Estates, $315,000.

• Katia J. Camacho Martinez to Mitchell R. Dively and Kelsey L. Powell, 228 Cavalry Drive, Pioneer Heights, $326,900.

• Stoneridge Homes Inc. to Deborah E. Crawford, 108 Harold Court, Abrams Pointe, $379,000.

• Jason E. Lane and Patty B. Lane to Bryan C. Buzzell and Ashleigh Buzzell, 106 Norfolk Court, Twin Lakes Overlook, $386,000.

• Joel M. Stopha and Carmen Marie Stopha to Michael W. Paschke and Jennifer K. Paschke, 107 Arthur Lane, Steeplechase, $435,000.

• Richmond American Homes of Virginia Inc. to Joshua W. Meyer and Natalie Rae Meyer, 102 Bentpath Court, Twin Lakes Overlook, $465,485.

• Thomas Homer Ruffin and Deborah S. Ruffin to William Hayden , 105 Aulee Court, Winchester, Twin Lakes Overlook, $469,900.

• Richmond American Homes of Virginia Inc. to Gabriel Lauer and Randi Michelle Lauer, 425 Canyon Road, Twin Lakes Overlook, $501,721.

• Jerry M. Graves and Mary Ann Graves to David A. Hess, 126 Jeni Court, Abrams Pointe, $560,000.


• Dan T. Fei to Andrew Costa Whitmore and Shannon R. Whitmore, 131 Paradise Court, Stephens City, $235,500.

• Gregory Graham and Christy Graham to Aamer Shehzad and Zaib Un Nisa, 118 Carnmore Drive, Ravenwing, $418,000.

• Robert J. Marzoli and Nancy W. Marzoli to Martin J. Mood Jr. and Jennifer R. Mood, 291 Kenny Lane, Kenny Lane, $729,900.

Stonewall District

• Douglas Arthur Shade and Marsha Ann Bowman to Joshua Feltner and Stephanie Feltner, 134 Warner St., $240,000.

• Edward Gawrysiak and Susanna Gawrysiak to Henry Rafael Rincon Barboza and Karol Camacho, 201 Rosebud Court, Stephenson, Snowden Bridge, $292,900.

• Brookfield Stephenson LLC to Dennis A. Nichols and Ethel V. Nichols, 131 Patchwork Drive, Stephenson, Snowden Bridge, $318,053.

• Michael Gibson to Ethan H. Lawrence and Robyn M. Lawrence, 2853 Berryville Pike, $339,000.

• NVR Inc. to Raul Alberto Melendez and Vianka Peguero, 208 Patriot St., Stephenson, Snowden Bridge, $351,955.

• Brookfield Stephenson LLC to Kathy L. Copen, 129 Patchwork Drive, Stephenson, Snowden Bridge, $355,724.

• Todd M. Butts and Jennifer H. Winslow to Edward J. Gawrysiak and Susanna Gawrysiak, 109 Starburst St., Stephenson, Snowden Bridge, $380,000.

• Timothy H. Newcome and Teressa A. Newcome to Todd M. Butts and Jennifer H. Winslow, 2021 Brucetown Road, Clear Brook, Village of Brucetown, $380,000.

• Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic LLC to Christine Elizabeth Kelican, 106 Megan Lane, Stephenson, Red Bud Run, $382,650.

• NVR Inc. to Robert Barlond, 105 Northumberland Drive, Stephenson, Snowden Bridge, $384,990.

• NVR Inc. to Kathryn McCann Slaughter and Blake Alexander Armstrong, 107 Northumberland Drive, Stephenson, Snowden Bridge, $392,939.

• NVR Inc. to Emily Crider Burner, Robert Lewis Burner and Evelyn Louise Burner, 113 Northumberland Drive, Stephenson, Snowden Bridge, $424,990.

• Vereit Real Estate LP to Vereit/OW Winchester, VA LLC , 480 Park Center Drive, Home Depot, 74.74 acres, $54,388,760.

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