The following information is from the Frederick County Circuit Court from Nov. 12-18:

Marriage licenses

• Charles William Surber, 38, of Winchester, and Roslyn Michelle Shearer, 23, of Winchester.

• Ronnie Warren Clifton III, 23, of Stephens City, and Allison Selene Hoelsher, 21, of Stephens City.


• Maya Bist and Rajesh Kumar Bist

• Tonya Gheen and Eric Bradley.

• Mathew Ryann Campbell and Chloe Sierra Campbell.

• Cheyenne Faith Fender and Joshua Robert Fender.

• Patrina Alecia Weaver-Harvall and Jamal Levon Harvall.

• David S. Lynch and Elsie R. Lynch.

• Daniel Eric Sibert and Geanita Marie Sibert.

• Donald Scott Spiker and Renee N. Spiker.

• Michelle Deloris Taylor and Stephen Lewis Taylor.

• Angela T. Washington and Christopher Washington.

• John M. White and Meredith S. White.

Real estate over $200,000

Back Creek District

• Jeffrey Rutherford to Travis Sullivan, 121 Gilmore Trail, Shawneeland, $205,000.

• C.S. Jennings Construction Inc. to Victor Hugh Murphy and Adeline Siobhan Murphy, 529 Cardinal Drive, Wilde Acres, $226,900.

• Mountain Vista LLC to IBI Specialty LLC, Lots 20 and 25, Stephens City, Hites View Estates, $250,000.

• Jennifer R. Larrick to Carl Winston Opauski III and Lauren Cellini Spinelli, 117 Hemlock Trail, Shawneeland, $255,000.

• NVR Inc. to Andrea Carolina Cruz Ramos and Seikishi Sabastian Kohatsu Ghiorzo, 361 Coville St., Middletown, Village at Middletown, $310,455.

• NVR Inc. to Beatriz E. Lara and Lorena Ramos, 420 Coville St., Middletown, Village at Middletown, $319,455.

• C.S. Jennings Construction Inc. to James R. Griffin and Martha B. Griffin, 143 Doonbeg Court, Doonbeg, $329,620.

• Larry D. McFarland and Nanette M. McFarland to Jessica Lynn Castelli Farmer, 3782 Wardensville Grade, Deer Haven Estates, $390,000.

• Wright Renovations Inc. to Jason R. Dougherty and Kindra Dougherty, 1076 Carters Lane, $400,000.

• John C. Lewis and Jane C. Lewis to Jacqueline J. Craig, Caroline Nolazco and Anna McKay Thomas, 221 Greenfield Ave., Stonebrook Farms, $440,000.

Gainesboro District

• Ashley D.M. Raburn to Chelsea C. Pell, 139 Burnt Church Road, $215,000.

• Richard L. Hawkins Jr. to Ryan M. Kelly and Syenna L. Kelly, 308 Laurel Drive, Cross Junction, Lake Holiday Estates, $274,900.

• Federal National Mortgage Association to Charles F. Godfrey, 651 Knob Road, Gore, $293,000.

• Ryan D. Stewart and Amanda L. Stewart to Elvis A. Perez and Ana Vilma Cabrera Ruano, 309 Cedar Grove Road, $300,000.

• Travis Sullivan and Jennifer Sullivan to J. Leland Birnbaum and Ukonthon Dechawattana Birnbaum, 207 Country Club Drive, Cross Junction, Lake Holiday Estates, $350,000.

• Kyle R. Grapes to Hunter M. Larsen and Krystal G. Larsen, 1356 N. Hayfield Road, $350,000.

• Alan C. Vanamburg and Viki L. Vanamburg to David William Harrison and Amber Lynn Harrison, 294 Ronner Lane, $425,000.

• Dixie J. Sykes and Jeffrey A. Sykes to John M. Liberty and Kelly Holliday, 335 Enchanting Drive, Pleasant Valley Farms, $429,999.

• Joshua Battino and Katrina Shepard Battino to Tinalouise Yesalonia and Vincent Yesalonia, 633 Lakeview Drive, Cross Junction, Lake Holiday Estates, $527,500.

• H. Nelson Gustin and Katherine H. Gustin to Patrick Francis Walsh and Karen Ann Walsh, 1109 Sleepy Creek Road, Cross Junction, 48.2 acres, $775,000.

• John D. Powell and Leslie A. Powell to Melvin Constance Del Rosario and Sandra Kay Del Rosario, 165 Upper Ridge Road, Gold Hill, $885,000.

Opequon District

• Teresa L. Tate to Giustino Baiano, 101 Peridot Place, Stephens City, Village at Sherando, $208,000.

• Nate Battaglia to Mathew W. Teike and Nikki J. Teike, 103 Frederick Road, Stephens City, Fredericktowne, $245,000.

• William E. Taylor and Suzanne M. Wolford, heirs of the estates of Juanita F. Schuler-Taylor and Robert E. Taylor, to Michelle D. Padgett, 114 Linwood Court, Stephens City, Ridgefield, $255,500.

• Peter Orlowski and Justine Orlowski to Richard A. Villani, 114 Accomack Circle, Stephens City, Fredericktowne, $289,900.

• Alan K. Courtney and Kimberly A. Courtney to Mildred Sites and Donald Sites, 107 West St., Stephens City, Lone Oak, $305,000.

• Abraham E. Walsh and Jani Elizabeth Walsh to Justin H. Falkenstein and Jennifer L. Falkenstein, 109 Mulberry Circle, Stephens City, Lakeside Estates, $330,000.

• Christopher T. Wood and Ekaterina A. Vasilyeva to Katherine Moody, 1197 Fairfax St., Stephens City, Stephens Landing, $354,000.

• Timothy A. Dean Sr. and Christi R. Dean to John Purtell and Stephanie Purtell, 118 Barkwood Drive, Stephens City, Woodside Estates, $374,900.

• Shea Homes LP to Karen Fazzone, 102 Foam Flower Drive, Lake Frederick, Lake Frederick, $404,570.

• Mark R. Hindle to David Kenneth Brayden, 118 Cool Spring Drive, Stephens City, Camp at Mosby Station, $428,000.

Red Bud District

• Zachary J. Hicks to Bonnie Wei, 114 Cobble Stone Drive, Fieldstone, $299,999.

• Matthew Stafford and Katherine Stafford to Cody Williams and Paola Williams, 132 Canyon Road, Senseny Glen, $325,000.

• Christopher A. Long and Lauren C. Long to Padmanabhan Seshaiyer and Valli Ramanathan, 223 Cobble Stone Drive, Fieldstone, $327,000.

• James A. Parrella to Victor Manuel Gaetan-Orellana IV, 106 Kay Court, Steeplechase, $365,000.

• John Warchola Jr. to Lisette P. De Paz and Jose Otilio Hernandez Leiva, 103 Winns Circle, Pioneer Heights, $371,500.

• Sherry Carter to Jose Carlos Vaca Saucedo and Diana R. Durand, 304 Goldenrod Road, Briarwood Estates, $380,000.

• Christopher L. George and Amy Y. George to Steven Ryan Skura and Kristen Anne Skura, 206 Ladyslipper Drive, Briarwood Estates, $387,000.

• Jonathan A. Redden to Jeffrey Reid and Jennifer Reid, 230 Rebecca Drive, Fieldstone, $478,000.

• Campfield LLC and Frederick Development Co. Inc. to Richmond American Homes of Virginia Inc., Lots 50, 55, 60, 61, 69, 71, 72, 83, 85, 93, 96, 98, 101 and 102, Abrams Pointe, $1,260,000.

Shawnee District

• Jerry A. Sales to Nery Antonio Urrutia and Jessica Breann Wazny, 202 Westwood Drive, Westwood, $290,000.

• Caroline L. Roberts, trustee of the Revocable Trust of Susan C. Lee, to Bonnie D. Pitzer, 211 Cranberry Court, Cross Creek Village, $340,000.

• Timothy Detweiler and Lesley Detweiler to Alexandra L. Huston, 103 Worthington Court, Stephens City, Wakeland Manor, $356,900.

Stonewall District

• Ryan Michael Kelly and Syenna Lewsader Kelly to Logan Kelly, 236 Sage Circle, Regents Crest, $225,000.

• Matthew Davenport to Luis Manuel Castaneda Jr. and Leila Zekria, 102 Dresden Court, Stephenson, Snowden Bridge, $286,000.

• Jaime D. Riggleman and Norman G. Tetrault, executors of the estate of Linda Vorous, to John Randolph Shull and Terri Lynn Detwiler, 1408 Williams Circle, Darville, $286,250.

• Amanda Kay Davis and Ryan Omar Davis to Morgan Amanda Granetz, 112 Splendor Garden Way, Stephenson, Snowden Bridge, $298,000.

• Droxene Newman to Guillermo Antonio Laguna Aznaran and Yoandra Dominguez Moro, 101 Argyle Court, Stephenson, Snowden Bridge, $299,900.

• Brookfield Stephenson Village LLC to NVR Inc., Lots 1518, 1521 and 1522, Stephenson, Snowden Bridge, $311,364.

• NVR Inc. to Zahid Syed and Amna Sheikh, 410 Parkland Drive, Stephenson, Snowden Bridge, $411,505.

• Mollie Brannon and Steven Brannon to Fletcher Jenkins and Betty R. Gebbia-Jenkins, 246 Mackenzie Lane, Stephenson, Red Bud Run, $435,000.

• Carvin Blocker to Matthew Stafford and Katherine Stafford, 222 Farris Lane, Winchester, Walnut Grove, $455,000.

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