The following information is from the Frederick County Circuit Court from Nov. 27-Dec. 2:

Marriage licenses

• Bryce Michael Edwards, 24, of Winchester, and Taylor Elizabeth Henderson, 23, of Winchester.

• Tou Pheng Vang, 29, of Alexandria, and Na Lee Yang, 28, of Alexandria.

• Jennings Andrew Raker, 32, of Stephenson, and Jessica Rachel Shibley, 33, of Winchester.

• Julio Cesar Muralles Menjivar, 26, of Manassas Park, and Maria Monserrat Watkins, 25, of Front Royal.

• John Randolph Lindaburg, 26, of Winchester, and Sheila Marie Dellinger, 40, of Winchester.

Real estate over $200,000

Back Creek District

• Kourtni Shae Welzel to Jacob M. DuVall and Allison E. Groundwater, 223 N. Pifer Road, Star Tannery, $225,000.

• Westview Custom Homes LLC to Kirk E. Trent and Kayla R. Weatherholt, 119 Buffalo Trail, Shawneeland, $236,800.

• Monique M. Henry to Paul Gartner and Evelyn M. Gartner, 202 Doe Trail, Shawneeland, $261,000.

• NVR Inc. to James Herman Roszak and Pamela Kay Roszak, 360 Coville St., Middletown, Village at Middletown, $282,775.

• NVR Inc. to Edwin Adolfo Lopez and Sara Elizabeth Marin, 370 Coville St., Middletown, Village at Middletown, $285,380.

• NVR Inc. to Brenda Yasmin Portillo Bernal, 381 Coville St., Middletown, Village at Middletown, $315,485.

• C.S. Jennings Construction Inc. to Thuril G. Keller Sr. and Margaret Elaine Keller, 146 Doonbeg Court, Doonbeg, $331,295.

• Patrick Stewart Anderson and Miriam S. Anderson to Kyle R. Grapes, 141 Longview Lane, Longview Acres, $538,000.

• William C. Beeler and Wanda M. Beeler to David Partlow and Brenda Partlow, 161 Ewell Drive, Equestrian Estates, $609,900.

• Richard D. Siira and Margaret C. Gorman to Adam Huddleston and Shawn Huddleston, 170 Forest Valley Court, Stoneymeade, $770,000.

Gainesboro District

• Connie L. Fox, administrator of the estate of William L. Cook, to Huo Zheng, 160 Grannies Lane, 4.5 acres, $205,000.

• Robert H. Becker and Paula K. Becker to Shawn K. Supers, 107 Sunset Circle, Cross Junction, Lake Holiday Estates, $295,000.

• Judith N. Ellinger and Richard D. Ellinger to Andrew Todd Warner and Katherine Rosemary Selecman, 3931 N. Frederick Pike, $392,000.

• Robert C. Lebeck to Brian E. Pedersen and David Merchant Garcia, 200 Sweetbriar Lane, 7 acres, $425,000.

• Eugene D. Betit and Sheila A. Betit to Lillian Somner, 123 Lake Shore Drive, Cross Junction, Lake Holiday Estates, $430,000.

Opequon District

• Shane W. Long to Noni Properties LLC, 5212 Pan Tops Drive, Stephens City, Newtown Crossing, $225,000.

• NVR Inc. to Victoria Annette Newman, 125 Bayhill Terrace, Lake Frederick, Lake Frederick, $266,265.

• Sharon Renee Kerns, Charles Raymond Whipkey and Robert Allen Whipkey, co-executors and heirs-at-law of the estate of Betty June Whipkey, to Michael Siuniak and Angela M. Siuniak, 100 Barbados Place, Stephens City, Albin Village, $280,000.

• Ali H. Al-Shammaa to Equity Trust Co., custodian FBO Christopher Flood, 120 Fritillary Court, Lake Frederick, Shenandoah, $285,000.

• NVR Inc. to Roman Gennadiyevich Bondarenko and Elena Perepelitsyna, 121 Bayhill Terrace, Lake Frederick, Lake Frederick, $303,620.

• NVR Inc. to Lou Ann Dotson and Charles Anthony Dotson, 123 Bayhill Terrace, Lake Frederick, Lake Frederick, $312,590.

• Richmond American Homes of Virginia Inc. to Debra Kay Tarver, 553 Town Run Lane, Stephens City, Southern Hills, $379,999.

• Mavourneen A. Leeper to Nathan Anglin and Kaila Anglin, 323 S. Buckton Road, Middletown, $390,000.

• Hugh Butler and Terri Butler to Daphne S. Crites, 114 Radford Court, Stephens City, Old Dominion Greens, $410,000.

• Shea Homes LP to Thomas Francis Goggin and Karen Marie Goggin, 100 Walleye Court, Lake Frederick, Lake Frederick, $532,211.

Red Bud District

• Richard R. Hamilton and Barbara J. Hamilton to David B. McConnell and Kathleen L. McConnell, 103 Trade Wind Lane, Windstone, $214,000.

• Kenneth Williams and Sandra Williams to Walter N. Vanderpuye and Latasha E. Vanderpuye, 115 Whirlwind Drive, Windstone, $218,000.

• Shirley P. Stultz and others to Our Forever Home LLC, 166 Tick Hill Lane, 10.5 acres, $260,000.

• Angela M. Ritter to Joycelynne J. Jimenez-Rodriguez, 130 Edgewood Drive, Glenmont Village, $275,000.

• Jeremy E. Nowak and Faith E. Nowak to Jason M. Hepner and Megan E. Hepner, 304 Woodrow Road, Carlisle Heights, $290,000.

• Irving A. Phillips and Carissa C. Phillips to Matthew Corey Straub, 305 Asbury Road, Pioneer Heights, $340,000.

• James R. Wallace and Kari R. Wallace to Muhammad Masood and Sania Asad, 107 Vale Court, Senseny Glen, $359,900.

• Mark S. Cochran and Melinda S. Cochran to Charles Willard Carter III, 124 Wickham Terrace, Sovereign Village, $421,000.

Shawnee District

• Thomas E. White and Pamela M. White to FFC Properties LLC, 126 Nightingale Ave., Stephens City, Greenbriar Village, $212,000.

• Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic LLC to Gayle Ann Golumbeski and Carl C. Mauch III, 109 Alderman Way, Freedom Manor, $236,775.

• Gaylynne Miller to Yvonne Hamel, 300 Pestwick Lane, Stephens City, Wakeland Manor, $260,000.

• Meagan Elizabeth Connors and Lucas Thomas Connors to Tillman Frear Schmid, 123 Nature Drive, Stephens City, Shawnee Village, $262,500.

• Christina E. Callahan and Karla L. Callahan to Sherry Lewis, 106 Somerset St., Pembridge Heights, $293,100.

• Gary L. McDonald Jr. and Faith Anne McDonald to Heather Weeks and Jordan Weeks, 123 Mill Race Drive, Mill Race Estates, $300,000.

• Stephen G. Maloney and Cathy J. Maloney to Melissa P. Benson and Brock T. Benson, 121 Travis Court, Red Fox Run II, $363,000.

• Terry P. Reed and Deborah M. Reed to Dario V. Sansevero, 111 Tucks Circle, Pioneer Heights, $365,000.

• Suzanne Craig to Charles Meister and Charlene Meister, 371 Covey Lane, Quail Hill, $520,000.

• David T. Sovine and Kelly A. Sovine to Thomas C. Rodgers and Barbara A. Rodgers, 207 Taggart Drive, Raven Pointe, $535,000.

• Matthew E. Lucas and Cody A. Lucas to Kristen Schneider, 1204 Merrimans Lane, 4.7 acres, $590,000.

Stonewall District

• Earl W. Wiley and Wendy Jo Wiley to Erika Jeannette Simpson, 521 Welltown Road, $222,000.

• Joseph H. Fromme and Cynthia Ann Fromme to Carol Viviana Arcelay Vasquez, 125 Dogwood Road, Shenandoah Hills, $270,000.

• Doris K. Hutcheon to Craig A. Lambert and Melissa D. Lambert, 244 Fair Lane, $285,000.

• Bitter End Farm LLC to Mark M. Piper and Cheryl M. Piper, 102 Splendor Garden Way, Stephenson, Snowden Bridge, $301,331.

• Brookfield Stephenson Village LLC to Matthew Edward Roberts, 111 Centifour Drive, Stephenson, Snowden Bridge, $317,915.

• Christine Lingle to Rodger Scott Bowman, 102 Prairie Place, Stephenson, Snowden Bridge, $335,000.

• NVR Inc. to Ryan Christopher Flaherty, 271 Norland Knoll Drive, Stephenson, Snowden Bridge, $386,715.

• NVR Inc. to Randall Cody Creswell and Alexis Anne-Marie Creswell, 275 Norland Knoll Drive, Stephenson, Snowden Bridge, $420,495.

• NVR Inc. to Ravindra Nag Manyam and Bhargavi Himabindu Mallina, 406 Parkland Drive, Stephenson, Snowden Bridge, $488,295.

• Milton H. Olinger Jr. and Sarah J. Olinger to Billie Jo Pearl and Scott Pearl, 278 Oak Hill Lane, Stephenson, Edgehill, $500,000.

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