The following information is from the Frederick County Circuit Court from Oct. 8-14:


• Joseph Lee Andrews and Jessica Dawn Polk-Andrews.

• Thomas Beard and Lana Beard.

• William Douglas Clark and Angelique Ruth Clark.

• Nicole Leigh Copeland-Himelright and Timothy Alan Himelright.

• Tamiya Lanita Catherine Do’Zia-Earley and Latasha Julonda Do’zia-Early.

• Jennifer Rose Eliot and Gregory Erich Eliot.

• Antonio Enriquez and Charming Sherico Enriquez.

• Vanessa Mesones and Roberto Estrada.

• Peter Kendall Ivory and Marcela Julia Ivory Davila.

• Taylor Lynn Mentzer and Thomas William Kitts.

• Rosemary Vigil and Fidel R. Limon Cuellar.

• John Eric Martin and Jennifer Thomas Martin.

• Gloria Susana Martinez Mejia and Daniel Alexander Mejia.

• Douglas K. Maxwell and Deborah A. Maxwell.

• Tiffany Anne Helsley Merkel and Peter Theodore Merkel.

• Cody L. Moore and Randi Ann Moore.

• James J. Mortimer and Susan L. Mortimer.

• Mary Beth Owens and Mitchell Scott Ruckman.

• Angela D. Schellhammer and William T. Schellhammer IV.

• Robert James Stacey and Caitlin Paige Stacey.

• Vicky L. Trenary and Mark T. Trenary.

• Christy Lee Waybright and Dale Joe Waybright Jr.

Real estate over $200,000

Back Creek District

• Perry C. Moore to Boyd E. Walker, 120 Gazelle Trail, Wilde Acres, $209,000.

• Peter A. DeMattei and April Dawn DeMattei to Casey Segal Miller and Stebbins Wilson Miller, 181 Lightwood Court, Timberwood Village, $335,000.

• Margaret E. Zarger to Clark L. Jackson Jr. and Sylvia V. Jackson, 144 Stonebrook Road, Stonebrook Farms, $419,900.

• Anthony D. Manzione and Virginia C. Manzione to Jonathan A. Young and Wendi M. Young, 13 Old Forest Circle, Stonebrook Farms, $465,000.

• Mountain Vista LLC to Mary S. Long and Clay M. Long, 161 Chanterelle Court, Stephens City, Hites View Estates, $579,000.

Gainesboro District

• Clark L. Jackson Jr. and Sylvia V. Jackson to Donald Scott Matlock and Jeremy Lee Mauck, 272 Babbs Mountain Road, 5.5 acres, $395,000.

Opequon District

• Arpad Bereczki and Elizabeth Bereczki to Scott Wayne Tant and Karen Rebekah Tant, 111 Trout Lily Drive, Lake Frederick, Shenandoah, $280,000.

• William B. Canard and Dakota S. Conrow to Shannon Donner, 105 Trout Lily Drive, Lake Frederick, Shenandoah, $296,500.

• NVR Inc. to Donald W. Lee II and Kathleen R. Lee, 118 Bayhill Terrace, Lake Frederick, Lake Frederick, $322,910.

• Donald E. Kidwell and Karen L. Kidwell to Carlos Jossue Alberto Zamora, 113 Barkwood Drive, Stephens City, Woodside Estates, $362,000.

• Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic LLC to Charles L. Gioglio and Mary R. Gioglio, 105 Bluets Drive, White Post, Cedar Meadows, $365,380.

• Lisa Sloan and Jason C. Sloan to John Parks Reuther, 144 Cedar Mountain Drive, Stephens City, The Guards, $369,990.

• Pamela A. Mann to Jorge F. Reyes and Michelle D. Kocher, 500 N. Buckton Road, Middletown, 6.9 acres, $405,000.

• G. Benton Miller Jr. and Shelley S. Miller to Ariel R. Fiddler and Sabastian Guzman, 122 First Manassas Place, Stephens City, Camp at Mosby Station, $420,000.

• Zakiya I. Briggman to Joshua Harkins and Ashley Harkins, 110 Upperville Drive, Stephens City, Old Dominion Greens, $460,000.

Red Bud District

• 123 Blossom Drive LLC to Julio C. Valle, 123 Blossom Drive, Wilkins’ Shenandoah Hills, $275,000.

• Jonathan A. Young and Wendi M. Young to Dora Parada and Joseph Carballo, 137 Likens Way, Carlisle Heights, $310,500.

Shawnee District

• Jack S. Carothers and Patsy C. Carothers to Kelly M. Copley, 128 Carnoustie Lane, Stephens City, Wakeland Manor, $244,900.

• Carrie M. Diem to Christopher A. Deck and Jessica N. Oldham, 313 Bluebird Drive, Stephens City, Greenbriar Village, $275,000.

• Jason K. Bush to Rosalee Del Campo Marrero, 211 Killdeer Road, Stephens City, Greenbriar Village, $304,000.

• Garrett Lancaster Jr. and Christina Lancaster to Verena B. Romani and Delfin J. Romani, 108 Maverick Court, Stephens City, Canter Estates, $365,000.

Stonewall District

• NVR Inc. to Jason Andrews Escalona and Nancy Pamela Barron, 209 Norland Knoll Drive, Stephenson, Snowden Bridge, $387,915.

• Connor W. Miller and Julie S. Miller to Michael P. Ramirez and Shaunna B. Ramirez, 105 Valise Way, Stephenson, Snowden Bridge, $500,000.

• Marcos D. Jovert and Barbara J. Harris-Jovert to Jason Kropiewnicki and Concepcion Kropiewnicki, 126 Farmhouse Court, Stephenson, Snowden Bridge, $520,000.

• NVR Inc. to Suraj Khanal and Saurav Khanal, 171 Norland Knoll Drive, Stephenson, Snowden Bridge, $521,215.

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