The following information is from the Frederick County Circuit Court from Sept. 10-17:

Real estate over $200,000

Back Creek District

• Toby J. Crandall and Jennifer S. Parker to Lawrence M. Connolly and Deborah M. Connolly, 141 Lightwood Court, Timberwood Village, $425,000.

• Sue Marston Boyd and J. Rhodes Marston to RCS Investments LLC, 318 Miller Road, about 54 acres, $510,000.

• Bobby N. Williams and Donna L. Williams to William P. Light and Sandra H. Light, 121 Granville Court, Granville Estates, $595,000.

• Timothy James Gilmore and Karen Debra Gilmore to Antonio Gerald Lucchiani, 123 Inez Lane, Stephens City, Painter Hill, $630,000.

Gainesboro District

• Michael A. Lynn to Ariel M. Latimer Rivera and Marcela Rodriguez Rivera, 117 Bryarly Road, $280,000.

• James H. Stowers and Sharlene S. Stowers to Frank J. DeJohn and Martha T. DeJohn, 111 Ashland Drive, Ashland Meadows, $349,000.

• David S. Ray and Teresa A. Wulster-Ray to Miles T. Milburn and Jenna L. Milburn, 3749 Apple Pie Ridge Road, 5.5806 acres, $398,000.

Opequon District

• Christopher Williams to Michael J. Bachman and Margaret B. Bachman, 5244 Mulberry Terrace, Stephens City, Mulberry Terrace, $204,140.

• Richard J. Mihill and Judith A. Mihill to Dennis Shifflett and Tanya Shifflett, 117 Buckingham Drive, Stephens City, Fredericktowne, $225,000.

• Anthony J. Turley and Paula I. Turley to Joseph Turley and Samantha Turley, 128 Wythe Ave., Stephens City, Fredericktowne, $250,000.

• Donnaline G. Nielsen and Eugene K. Nielsen to Michael Paul Millinger and Cari Ball Millinger, 101 Botetourt Court, Stephens City, Fredericktowne, $289,900.

• Dianne E. Berger to Jeffery Morton and Dana Morton, 101 Dollie Mae Lane, Stephens City, Meadows Edge, $317,900.

• Shirley R. Whitacre and Charles W. Whitacre to Jack L. Lester, 168 Grim Road, Stephens City, 10.5 acres, $350,000.

• Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic LLC to Thomas H. Ruffin and Deborah S. Ruffin, 100 Bluets Drive, White Post, Cedar Meadows, $370,671.

• NVR Inc. to Eloisa Miller, 104 Fringetree Court, Lake Frederick, Shenandoah, $393,880.

• George E. Sharkey and Debra Penn Sharkey to Edward Gundy and Marilyn L. Gundy, 104 Cabernet Court, Stephens City, Albin Estates, $418,000.

• Jack L. Lester to William Douglas Payne Jr. and Jennifer L. Payne, 2332 Welltown Road, 11.66 acres, $450,000.

• Hilltop Towns LLC to Brickstreet Properties LLC, 7701, 7703, 7705, 7709 and 7713 Main St., Middletown and 5077 Comer Drive, Stephens City, $515,000.

• Shea Homes LP to Steven W. Lockard and Kandy K. Lockard, 150 Song Sparrow Drive, Lake Frederick, Lake Frederick, $527,990.

• Shea Homes LP to Andrea Fern Feltner, 144 Song Sparrow Drive, Lake Frederick, Lake Frederick, $554,278.

Red Bud District

• Joel M. Stopha and Carmen Marie Taylor to Debra J. Hockensmith, 118 Highpointe Court, Hill Valley, $209,900.

• James M. Hollar to Tyler Murphy and Charity Murphy, 101 Charlton Road, Carlisle Heights, $242,500.

• Eric L. Harris and Emma Harris to Nicklas J. Demayo and Natalie L. Demayo, 120 Foxglove Drive, Briarwood Estates, $335,000.

Shawnee District

• Andrew J. Higgs and Amanda C. Higgs to Matthew P. Madey, 102 Kingsland Court, Pembridge Heights, $202,000.

• Michael A. Soder and Terrisa L. Soder to Damien Alexander Helmcamp and Jessica Elaine Helmcamp, 1677 Macedonia Church Road, Stephens City, Canter Estates, $298,000.

• Patrick L. Lightle and Terri L. Lightle to Andrew S. Petrucci and Gail V. Petrucci, 303 Huntersridge Road, Oakdale Crossing, $389,000.

• Marilyn D. Feliciano to Essie G. Patrick III and Katherine A. Patrick, 113 Bramble Court, Oakdale Crossing II, $420,000.

• Trinette Campbell and Robert Wilton Campbell II to Nicholas M. Kelley and Kaitlin Kelley, 104 Frieslan Court, Stephens City, Canter Estates, $442,150.

Stonewall District

• NVR Inc. to William Frederick Dougherty, 314 Sage Circle, Regents Crest, $210,565.

• Brookfield Stephenson LLC to Ryne Wendel Brown and Jamie Caroline Girvin, 229 Patchwork Drive, Stephenson, Snowden Bridge, $237,500.

• Jennifer L. Payne and William Douglas Payne Jr. to Conrado Ruiz and Jose J. Ruiz Ramirez, 4294 Martinsburg Pike, Clear Brook, $239,900.

• Jenna E. Milburn to Evan R. Hinkle and Morgan B. Hinkle, 1087 Cedar Hill Road, Clear Brook, $245,000.

• Bryan Arthur Biggs and Karen Edith Biggs to Andrew J. Higgs and Amanda Higgs, 107 Starburst St., Stephenson, Snowden Bridge, $390,000.

• Mamamia LLC to Winchester North Frederick Pike Station LLC, 1490 North Frederick Pike, $1,000,000.

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