The following information is from the Frederick County Circuit Court from Oct. 30-Nov. 6:

Marriage licenses

• Thomas Wade Carroll, 45, of Winchester, and Angela Dawn Lineweaver, 37, of Winchester.

• Tyler Nathan Tribby, 28, of Martinsburg, W.Va., and Logan Ashley Clarke, 28, of Martinsburg.

• Azhari Saifeldin Mohamed Saeid, 18, of Alexandria, and Nathalie Amanda Hernandez Garcia, 18, of Annandale.

• Wesley James Saupe, 25, of Midlothian, and Courtney Michelle Toney, 22, of Midlothian.

• Larry James Herring Jr., 48, of Stephenson, and Beth Eileen Blye, 39, of Stephenson.

• Jodensky Chris Philistin, 21, of Palm Bay, Fla., and Jahane Geraldine Alston, 21, of Woodbridge.

• Amanda Brooke Flora, 29, of Strasburg, and Ambre Denise Farah Rahmani, 23, of Strasburg.

• Kiran Adhikari, 30, of Chantilly, and Sitoshna Ban, 26, of Chantilly.

• Jeffrey Jay Morales, 25, of Henrico, and Unique Rosa Charlyn Reyes, 21, of Henrico.

• Cody Allan Booth, 24, of South Charleston, W.Va., and Kamryn Rena Wellington, 22, of Nitro, W.Va.

• Adan Enrique Espinal, 44, of Glen Allen, and Melinda Elizabeth Chicas, 43, of Glen Allen.

• James Dean Charles Hernandez, 38, of Galion, Ohio, and Heidi Ann Ogle, 37, of Galion.

• Andrew Allen Oates, 27, of Winchester, and Stephanie Ann Jump, 32, of Winchester.

• Athula Rohan Lalith Wijesekara, 54, of Bern, Switzerland, and Serena Anne Sidoni De Silva, 47, of Front Royal.

• Richard Dean Luther, 55, of Somerset, Penn., and Tammy Lynn Saier, 52, of Somerset.

• William Foster Baume, 57, of Inwood, W.Va., and Kathleen Marie Ashton, 55, of Inwood.

• Timothy William Nicholson, 43, of Strasburg, and Elizabeth Ann Orndorff, 35, of Strasburg.

• Jonathan Thomas Smitson, 35, of Paw Paw, W.Va., and Holly Sue Dixon, 42, of Bloomery, W.Va.

• William Nieves, 33, of Woodbridge, and Marilyn Lee Spruill, 31, of Woodbridge.

• Zachary Michael Rivenbark, 25, of Strasburg, and Nicole Marie Zuleger, 24, of Strasburg.

• Michael Anthony Fleming, 51, of Winchester, and Carrie Ellen Combs, 41, of Winchester.

• Jeremy Quinn Coots, 27, of Augusta, W.Va., and Kiley Elaine Macturk, 21, of Augusta.

• Ryan Andrew Quinney, 32, of Strasburg, and Maureen R. Womack, 32, of Strasburg.

• Anthony Duane Reid, 53, of Hedgesville, W.Va., and Tina Louise Haggerty, 46, of Hedgesville.

• Larry Dukes, 33, of Washington, D.C., and Latasha Blake Barnes, 37, of Washington, D.C.

• Nicholas Joseph Buccella, 54, of Williamstown, N.J., and Jill Ceresini, 41, of Williamstown.

• Larry Levi Miller II, 28, of Manassas, and Bonnie Kathleen Murphy, 37, of Stephens City.


• Celeste Catherine Camann and Robert Powell Camann.

• Brandi N. Cook and Curtis Noland Freeman.

• Travis L. Nesselrodt and Diana Allison DiGiovanni.

• Dale Allen Gardner II and Shelly Swartz Gardner.

• Faith Dawn Gilkey and Michael Sean Gilkey.

• Angela Wines Kaylor and Joseph William Kaylor.

• Dale Lee Lambert and Mercedes Cundiff Lambert.

• Silvia Liggieri and Aury Hanan Van Holtslag.

• Susan A. Marquardt and Paul W. Marquardt.

• Kevin Andrew Moore and Kaitlynn Alessandra Moore.

• Lindsey Marie Picolo and Nicholas Clayton Picolo.

• Adam Tyler Whitacre and Camryn Whitney Rogers.

• Lisa May Scoville and Jacob Michael Scoville.

• Christopher J. Snyder and Karen H. Snyder.

• Jerry Lee Staats Jr. and Stephanie Roxanne Staats.

• Heather Lorraine Thompson and Daniel Allen Thompson.

• Brian Lee Tumblin and Bobbi Jo Elizabeth Tumblin.

• Samuel Robert Wilson and Lauren Nicole Wilson.

• Dorothea Ann Yanchev and Kiril Rumenov Yanchrev.

Real estate over $200,000

Back Creek District

• Crystal D. Turner to Nancy Jean Myzie-Bryce and Stewart Christopher Bryce, 235 Susquehanna Trail, Shawneeland, $232,000.

• NVR Inc. to Michael Bowles and Melinda Bowles, 180 Coville St., Middletown, Village at Middletown, $297,270.

• Daniel H. Baker and Melissa A. Baker to Daniel J. Scott and Julia Scott, 121 Boydton Plank Drive, Stephens City, Stonebrook Farms, $301,500.

• Stoneridge Homes Inc. to Barbara K. Falcone, 148 Doonbeg Court, $343,675.

Gainesboro District

• Meredith L. Kuykendall Mockler to Deborah Maxson, 211 Fairway Circle, Cross Junction, Lake Holiday Estates, $231,200.

• Roy P. Ghiloni and Cynthia G. Kines to Allen Troy Beasley and Sharon Gail Beasley, no address listed, about 90 acres, $350,000.

• Keith W. Boyd and Gretchen N. Boyd to Joseph H. Vivori and Margaret A. Vivori, 653 Lake Saint Clair Drive, $395,000.

• Kevin Hallman and Yanira Hallman to Earl L. Madison III and Julia E. Madison, no address listed, Whispering Knolls, $501,000.

• Leigh A. Craig to Jason C. Powell and Rosemary K. Powell, 220 Spartan Court,  Apple Pie Meadows, $710,000.

Opequon District

• Rebecca C. Mitchell to Michael Gibson, 220 Centennial Drive, Stephenson, Albin Village, $205,000.

• Wendy Velasquez Rios and Miguel Velasquez Rios to William Arellano, 311 Hamilton Court, Stephens City, Hamilton Court, $223,000.

• Michael Bowles and Melinda Bowles to Irma Sulser, 129 Nightengale Ave., Stephens City, Greenbriar Village, $246,000.

• NVR Inc. to Terry Dwayne Fields, 112 Burkwood Terrace, Lake Frederick, Shenandoah, $262,225.

• NVR Inc. to Felicia Marie Walker, 108 Burkwood Terrace, Lake Frederick, Shenandoah, $266,739.

• Matthew M. Kilmer and Anastasia H. Kilmer to Louis Raniszewski, 106 Romney Place, Stephens City, Albin Village, $284,900.

• NVR Inc. to Charles Christopher Less and Leisa Diane Less, 110 Burkwood Terrace, Lake Frederick, Shenandoah, $287,990.

• NVR Inc. to Donnell Maurice Langley, 104 Burkwood Terrace, Lake Frederick, Shenandoah, $290,970.

• Old Dominion Greens LLC to Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic LLC, Lots 98, 103, 108 and 119, Stephens City, Old Dominion Greens, $300,000.

• Richmond American Homes of Virginia Inc. to Sheila Denise Hughes, 433 Town Run Lane, Stephens City, Southern Hills, $307,511.

• Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic LL to Norma C. Begley and J. Jerome Begley, 103 Poppy Drive, White Post, Cedar Meadows, $316,990.

• Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic LLC to Rene G. Bilodeau, 128 Bluets Drive, White Post, Cedar Meadows, $329,723.

• Dale E. Patton and Diane A. Patton to Aristides Pineda, 136 Trunk Drive, Stephens City, Woodside Estates II, $329,900.

• Charles R. Brown and Patricia C. Brown to Gary Locke and Melody Locke, 130 Smoke House Court, Stephens City, Stephens Landing, $339,900.

• NVR Inc. to Saeed Owusu and Fareeda Owusu, 108 Fringetree Court, Lake Frederick, Shenandoah, $379,465.

• Heather N. Maki to John W. Bernd and Elaine G. Bernd, 110 Cottontail Drive, Lake Frederick, Shenandoah, $390,000.

• Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic LLC to Corrado Ricci and Leslie Michele Ricci, 216 Ladysmith Drive, Stephens City, Old Dominion Greens, $393,103.

• Shea Homes LP to Thomas L. Eckels and Marilyn S. Eckels, 148 Song Sparrow Drive, Lake Frederick, Lake Frederick, $484,313.

• Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic LLC to Gary W. Keats Jr., 204 Ladysmith Drive, Stephens City, Old Dominion Greens, $484,963.

• NVR Inc. to Courtney Nicole McPherson and Brian McPherson, 115 Fringetree Court, Lake Frederick, Shenandoah, $520,789.

• The Reardon Farm LLC to FE&C Properties LLC, 103 Westmoreland Drive, Stephens City, 204 acres, Fredericktowne, $1,500,000.

Red Bud District

• Bruce L. Pugh and Anita C. Pugh to Jerri R. DeHart, 106 Woodbury Court,  Asbury Terrace, $240,000.

• Jeffrey M. Webber and Robert R. Boden Jr. to Priscilla Alicia Whittaker and Jacqueline Priscilla Hogg, 103 Fenwick Court, Brentwood Terrace, $245,000.

• Stephen Wade Mansfield and Bridgette Elizabeth Mansfield to Tammie L. Matos, 114 Morning Glory Drive, Apple Ridge, $251,500.

Shawnee District

• Scott R. Clark to Briardo Reich, 425 Lilys Way, Pembridge Heights, $217,900.

• Lucille F. Hughes to Emily C. Butler and Ryan W. Butler, 313 Yale Drive, Pembridge Heights, $221,500.00.

• Charles A. Swope to Aaron John Pendleton and Brittany Pualani Pendleton, 112 Lane St., Stephens City, Wakeland Manor, $235,000.

• Charles W. Marhenke to Deborah A. Zarger 105 Parkwood Circle, Parkwood Manor, $244,500.

• Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic LLC to Kristy L. Gaines, 233 Schramm Loop, Stephens City, Townes at Tasker, $252,277.

• Lana O'Grady and others, devisees of the estate of Wanda Friel Sharp, to Michael W. DeGroat and Rebecca J. DeGroat, 111 Hackney Court, Stephens City, Canter Estates, $339,500.

• Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic LLC to Anthony Joseph Rinaldis and Jessica D. Rinaldis, 352 David Drive, Freedom Manor, $351,394.

• BS Rentals LLC to Charles R. Brown and Patricia C. Brown, 115 Camaruge Court, Stephens City, Canter Estates, $359,000.

• Powell's Investments LLC to Larry Royston Properties LLC, Waterloo Court, Lot 131, $400,000.

Stonewall District

• Richard D. Bever to Brian Griffin, 1309 Ambrose Drive, Darville, $240,000.

• Brookfield Stephenson Village LLC to Paras Gupta and Salesh Gupta, 204 Parkland Drive, Stephenson, Snowden Bridge, $242,000.

• Brookfield Stephenson Village LLC to Venkata D. Chanda and Manimala Vangala, 206 Parkland Drive, Stephenson, Snowden Bridge, $260,831.

• Brookfield Stephenson LLC to Richard Rivera Ocasio, 257 Patchwork Drive, Stephenson, Snowden Bridge, $265,940.

• Brookfield Stephenson Village LLC to Chad Arend Thompson, 110 Santa Fe Court, Stephenson, Snowden Bridge, $280,615.

• Brookfield Stephenson LLC to Donnie Benjamin Royer, 103 Kearsage Court, Stephenson, Snowden Bridge, $322,293.

• Brookfield Stephenson LLC to Kevin William Royer and Erica Fleming, 105 Kearsage Court, Stephenson, Snowden Bridge, $349,755.

• John Wetzel and Katherine Wetzel to Daniel Gagnon and Leann M. Curley, 217 Morlyn Drive, Stephenson, Red Bud Run, $399,900.

• Gerald G. Cherayil and Kimberly Cherayil to Thong D. Nguyen, 100 Flyfoot Drive, Stephenson, Snowden Bridge, $414,000.

• NVR Inc. to Lindsey Parker Wilson and Alfred Lee Wilson, 104 Seesaw Court, Stephenson, Snowden Bridge, $415,940.

• Jason C. Powell and Rosemary Powell to Sylvania Harrod and Heather Harrod, 10 Setting Sun Court, Stephenson, Snowden Bridge, $500,000.

• Mark Brooke and Amanda R. Brooke to Bryan Esposito and Ekaterina V. McWhirter, 313 Frasher Drive, Clear Brook, Countryside View, $575,000.

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