The following information is from Frederick County Circuit Court from May 29 to June 11 and Department of Building Inspections for May:


• Melissa Nacole Martin and Robert Allen Echols.

• Briana Caitlyn Fontaine and Cody Wayne Fontains.

• Daniel Wayne Reno and Delphia Catlett Reno.

Real estate over $200,000

Back Creek District

• Westview Custom Homes LLC to John Michael Santiago, 127 Cochise Trail, Shawneeland, $231,900.

• Buck L. Pearson, executor of the estate of Bedford Pearson, to Kenneth R. Wilson and Deborah A. Wilson, 162 Samary Lane,  $272,000.

• Douglas W. Brackett and Suzette Brackett to Robb T. McBride and Mary A. McBride, 260 Sawyer Lane, Layside, $375,000.

• John Richard Guthridge III and Beth Ann Guthridge to Antony A. Jung and Nicole P. Jung, 784 Germany Road, Stephens City, Germany Ridge, $500,000.

• Daniel L. Kline to William T. Marchant and Anne J. Marchant, 118 Anne Glass Road, Stonebrook Farms, $529,000.

• Wendell J. Johnson Jr. and Jessica V. Johnson to Nicholas Odle and Ashley Odle, 103 Milroy Drive, Equestrian Estates, $875,000.

• Debora L. Aldridge to Mesfin Shibeshi and Myriah Shibeshi, 201 Shannon Court, Roscommon, $975,000.

Gainesboro District

• Kevin T. McLaughlin and Debra M. McLaughlin to Adam J. Rouse and Stephanie B. Rouse, 306 Laurel Drive, Cross Junction, Lake Holiday Estates, $255,000.

• John J. Alishauskas and Tiffany Judd-Alishauskas to Amy Lorraine Knipe and Thomas Howard Knipe, 165 Fallen Oak Lane, Gore, $272,500.

• Brian K. Phebus to Lawrence Quental Jr., 444 Green Spring Road, 6 acres, $590,000.

Opequon District

• Jeffrey M. Webber to Shirley E. Stancil and Mark A. Stancil, 110 Amelia Ave., Stephens City, Fredericktowne, $230,000.

• Michael C. Mandel and Cassie L. Kidd Mandel to Kayla D. Allen, 103 Overview Court, Stephens City, Ridgefield, $240,000.

• Bradley Schuyler and Charlotte Schuyler to Derek Fletcher and Emily Fletcher, 103 Barbados Place, Stephens City, Albin Village, $279,000.

• Brandon Jordan Ehrin to Drina V. Lopez, 108 Romney Place, Stephens City, Albin Village, $285,000.

• Barry R. Boyd and Andrea S. Boyd to Robert L. Vaught and Carrie Lauren Vaught, 1125 Fairfax St., Stephens City, Stephens Landing, $307,500.

• Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic LLC to Sharon J. Law, 121 Forget Me Not Drive, White Post, Cedar Meadows, $333,509.

• Mark A. Dick to Thomas O'Lyinn, 7893 Church St., Middletown, $365,000.

• Phillip E. Webb and Catherine A. Webb to Daryl T. Myers Sr., 108 Cedar Lane, Stephens City, The Pines, $370,000.

• Shea Homes LP to Nevin H. Gibson Jr. and Elaine J. Gibson, 114 Song Sparrow Drive, Lake Frederick, $475,343.

• MREC Shenandoah VA LLC to Shea Homes LP, Lots 79-91 and 114-120, Mallard Drive, Lake Frederick, $2,477,118.

Red Bud District

• Nihal B. Perera and Ginnette Q. Perera to Cindy E. Garcia Ortega and Nelsy Y. Garcia Ortega, 109 Trefoil Court, Briarwood Estates, $285,000.

• Chad E. Crosbie to Colin R. Bradshaw, 130 Hill Valley Drive, Hill Valley, $270,000.

• Thomas E. Jarvis and Bonita L. Jarvis to Dennis T. Evans and Naomi K. Evans, 109 Old Wagon Road, Pioneer Heights, $313,000.

• Diane M. Collis to Tricia E. Morris, 112 Abbey Road, Windsor Hill Estates, $359,900.


• Gary Allen Kirchoff to Kristin Noelle Garrett, 108 Quinton Oaks Circle, Stephens City, Wakeland Manor, $222,000.

• Richard J. Pierce and Rebecca Jones-Pierce to Marcos E. Castro Bedoya, 104 Keswick Court, Pembridge Heights, $290,000.

• H&H Builders Inc. to Daniel M. Kozel and Elizabeth D. Kozel, 300 Covey Lane, Quail Hill, $345,800.

• Bryan W. Patrick and Aimee M. Patrick to Tatyana Y. Saunders and Kirk S. Saunders, 103 Travis Court, Fox Run II, $380,000.

• Dwayne E. Dillow and Marion H. Dillow to Salim Sayegh and Rouzette Rantisi, 1031 Allen Drive, Raven Pointe, $475,000.

Stonewall District

• NVR Inc. to Darien Stephan Evans and Yasmeen Esmeralda Joya, 256 Sage Circle, Regents Crest, $214,170.

• NVR Inc. to Stephen Jones, 280 Sage Circle, Regents Crest, $221,770.

• Laura Ann Evy to John Paul Henry and Daniela Ozuna, 153 Brasstown Loop, Stephenson, Snowden Bridge, $280,000.

• Brookfield Stephenson LLC to Joshua Lynn Jones and Kelsi Michelle Jones, 140 Patchwork Drive, Stephenson, Snowden Bridge, $301,690.

• Hickory Hills LLC to Nicholas L. Crabtree and Brittany M. Crabtree, 115 Christo Rey, Clear Brook, Christo Rey, $349,900.

• Brittany Morgan Crabtree and Nicholas Lynn Crabtree to Steven Christopher Smucker and Alexis Joy Kuhfeldt, 104 Blackford Drive, Stephenson, Snowden Bridge, $364,000.

Building permits over $50,000

Back Creek District

• Grant Construction LLC, Shawneeland, 134 Dakota Trail, single-family dwelling, $100,000.

• Crafted Homes Inc., Stoneymeade, 374 Stonymeade Drive, Kernstown, single-family dwelling, $410,000.

• Kenneth J. Gall, Flint Ridge, 220 Plow Run Lane, swimming pool, $65,000.

• Westview Custom Homes LLC, Shawneeland, 902 Tecumseh Trail, single-family dwelling, $110,940.

• H.P. Hood Inc., 160 Hood Way, Kernstown, remodeling, $108,000.

Gainesboro District

• Eric A. Triggs, 731 Poorhouse Road, swimming pool, $56,000.

• James T. Johnson Jr., Walnut Springs, 163 Buettner Farm Lane, garage, $85,000.

• Joseph Scott Peffer, 1128 Cedar Grove Road, White Post, modular house, $172,000.

• Chad Y. Harrington, Lake Holiday, 1077 Lakeview Drive, Cross Junction, single-family dwelling, $512,000.

• Chester A. Renner, 115 Grannies Lane, swimming pool, $60,000.

Opequon District

• Cedar Meadows Development LLC, Cedar Meadows, Stephens City, four single-family dwellings, 120 Bleeding Heart Drive, $368,870; 114 Bleeding Heart Drive, $369,770; 126 Bleeding Heart Drive, $375,165; 128 Bluets Drive, $323,674.

• MREC Shenandoah VA LLC, Shenandoah, Lake Frederick, five single-family dwellings, 101 Atlantis Lane, $200,000 and 105, 106, 107 and 109 Barred Owl Way, $250,000 each.

• Old Dominion Greens, Stephens City, three single-family dwellings, 204 Lady Smith Drive, $469,560; 217 Ladysmith Drive, $397,913; 104 Emory Court, $478,045.

• Richmond American Homes of VA Inc., Southern Hills, Stephens City, four single-family dwellings, 112 and 114 Savannah Way and 437 and 439 Town Run Lane, $125,000 each.

• Shea Homes LP, Shenandoah, Lake Frederick, three single-family dwellings, 118 and 120 Barred Owl Way, $250,000 each; 134 Song Sparrow Drive, $350,000.

• Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic LLC, Old Dominion Green, Stephens City, two single-family dwellings, 202 Bridgewater Drive, $430,175; 126 Ladysmith Drive, $393,770.

• The Village at Middletown LC, eight single-family dwellings, 100, 110, 111, 120, 121, 130 and 131 Coville St. and 171 Cougill Road, $200,000 each.

Red Bud District

• Richmond American Homes of VA Inc., two single-family dwellings, Twin Lakes Overlook, 167 Morning Glory Drive, $125,000; Southern Hills, 108 Savannah Way, $125,000

• City of Winchester, 1716 Woodstock Lane, training building, $272,000.

• Eagle Place Homes & Remodeling LLC, Mill Race Estates, 220 Mill Race Drive, single-family dwelling, $285,000.

• Dowell J. Howard, Red Bud Run, 156 Dowell J Circle, replace roof, $352,344.

• Campfield LLC, Abrams Point, 106 Jeni Court, single-family dwelling, $325,000.


• Ralph S. Haller, Raven Pointe, 215 Summerfield Drive, single-family dwelling, $600,000.

• Shawnee Village LC, Towns at Tasker, Stephens City, eight townhouses, 221 Schramm Loop, $270,000; 223 Schramm Loop, $224,025; 225 Schramm Loop, $244,510; 227 Schramm Loop, $225,840; 229 Schramm Loop, $243,635; 231 Schramm Loop, $225,330; 233 Schramm Loop, $234,970; 235 Schramm Loop, $232,000.

• Grove's Harley Davidson, 140 Independence Drive, replace roof, $184,780.

• Frederick County Sanitation, 315 Tasker Road, Stephens City, remodeling, $125,000.

• Eric M. Sargent, 188 Front Drive, single-family dwelling, $200,000.

Stonewall District

• Brookfield Stephenson Village LLC, 269 Northumberland Drive, Stephenson, single-family dwelling, $185,000.

• H.N. Funkhouser, 120 Business Blvd.,  new construction, $174,000.

• Hammertime Properties LLC, Woods Mill, 300 Woods Mill Drive, Stephenson, single-family dwelling, $480,000.

• Brookfield Stephenson LLC, Snowden Bridge, Stephenson, five townhouses, 263 Patchwork Drive, $140,000; 265 Patchwork Drive, $137,000; 267 Patchwork Drive, $107,000; 269 and 271 Patchwork Drive, $132,000 each.

• Brookfield Stephenson LLC, Snowden Bridge, 102 Kearsarge Court, Stephenson, single-family dwelling, $156,000;

• Stonewall Station LLC, Stonewall Plaza, Rivendell Court, remodeling, $53,270.

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