The following information is from Winchester Circuit Court from July 30 to Aug. 5:

Marriage licenses

• Elijah Chestine Minor III, 33, of Winchester, and Anita Marie Kesner, 30, of Romney, West Virginia.

• Terry K. Miller, 36, of Winchester, and Sarah Marie Sager, 31, of Winchester.

• Eldrin Alexander Rodriguez Reynoso, 28, of Winchester, and Karina Estefane Acevedo Estrella, 27, of Winchester.

Real estate over $200,000

• Michael P. Sacco to Joshua Caleb Jarboe and Ann Campbell Jarboe, Cedarmeade, 531 Applecroft Road, $239,900.

• Thomas R. Biery and Marcia D. Smith to Paul R. Nurko and Lorraine J. Nurko, Morlyn Hills, 1506 Spring House Court, $507,000.

• Mary F. Wright to Dennis W. Perry, Westview, 175 Omps Drive, $465,000.

• Karen E. Gyurisin and Zachary J. Gyurisin to Autumn N. Walker, 335 W. Whitlock Ave., $250,000.

• Kimberly A. Walker and Joseph L. Walker to David Walter Reger and Barbara H. Reger, 929 Meadow Court, $439,900.

• Justin J. Bogaty and Catherine Devlin Bogaty to William T. Winn, Loudoun Manor, 130 Morningside Drive, $294,000.

• U.S. Bank to Mary E. Jones Spencer, 408 Joist Hite Place, $205,000.

• Raymond Paggi and Gail Paggi to Sharon Anne Gordon, Harvest Ridge, 2337 Stoneridge Road, $509,900.

• Remberto Rodriguez to Dorothy B. Talley, 121 Wood Ave., $250,000.

• Direct Partners LLC to Michael A. Rea, Urban Lofts Condominium, 120 E. Cork St., $325,000.

• Edward B. Collins and Dona B. Collins to Scott J. Johnson and Alexandra C. Johnson, Rolling Hills Estates, 901 Kennedy Drive, $414,060.

• AFLP-PEY LLC to Golden Egg Investments LLC, 130 Peyton St., $650,000.

• William Anthony Garrett and Lauretta Mae Garrett to Terence Fong and Pamela L. Fong, Linden Drive, 316 Linden Drive, $455,000.

• Jessica Shimp to Sharon S. Barbin, Limestone Terrace, 430 Saddleback Lane, $220,000.

• Stacey Lovett Clark, trustee of the CCL Trust, to Robert R. Clark Jr. and Stacey Clark, 1117 Caroline St., $336,500.

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