WINCHESTER — Construction of the Frederick County portion of Crossover Boulevard is “right on schedule” and expected to be wrapped up by Sept. 10, according to Frederick County Public Works Director Joe Wilder.

The project, which aims to ease traffic congestion and prepare for future development in eastern Frederick County, involves the creation of a four-lane bridge over Interstate 81 and connecting Crossover Boulevard to Front Royal Pike (U.S. 522).

Winchester's portion of Crossover Boulevard, which extended Tevis Street to about a third of a mile from I-81, was completed in January 2019 for $1.9 million.

Bridge construction began in May of 2019 and is mostly complete.

Wilder said he is getting calls from people every week asking when the project will be finished. While most of the construction is done, there are several small aspects of the project that need to be completed before the new road is operational, he said.

“Everybody is starting to get a little bit antsy,” Wilder said. “They are seeing the bridge is done, they are seeing a lot of the work getting done. That’s the problem — you can get these roads really close, but to actually finish them takes a lot of little jobs.”

The bridge is being constructed by Winchester-based Perry Engineering for $17.59 million.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic was a “curveball,” bridge construction continued throughout 2020 and did not fall behind, Wilder said.

Right now, Perry Engineering is in the process of rebuilding the interchange with Crossover Boulevard and Airport Road and Front Royal Pike.

“They are working to rebuild that interchange and they’ll have new traffic lights and new lanes and turners and all of that stuff,” Wilder said. “Probably for the next month or so they’ll be working on that interchange.”

Wilder added that the final coat of asphalt will likely not be placed on the road until the summer. After that, there will be striping and signage work to complete. There also will be additional traffic light work.

Once the county completes its section, Crossover Boulevard will cut through the planned Heritage Commons development, located east of Winchester. The 150-acre property is owned by Baltimore-based MMA Capital Management, which plans to build 645 residential units and at least 107,500 square feet of commercial space. The firm has not said when development will begin.

Design plans, drone photos and drone video footage of Crossover Boulevard can be viewed online at the Frederick County website at:

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"Right now, Perry Engineering is in the process of rebuilding the interchange with Crossover Boulevard and Airport Road and Front Royal Pike." Rebuilding? How about messing it up? It used to be straight.


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