WINCHESTER — Frederick County, Maryland-based Washington Commons RE LLC has purchased 36 acres on Berryville Pike (Va. 7) in Frederick County for $4 million

The property, across from the Gateway Plaza shopping center, sold on Feb. 14. It consists of multiple parcels, including the site of the former 220 Seafood Restaurant, which closed in January 2008.

The land was purchased from 220 Seafood Restaurant owners Robert and Barbara Ganse, Jack Johnson and others. Realtor Paige Manuel, of Oakcrest Realty, brokered the sale.

About 17 acres are zoned for Residential Performance, five for light industrial and the rest for General Business.

Developer Edward Scott, who is one of the managers for Washington Commons RE LLC, said that while plans for the property have not been finalized, anywhere from 170 to 200 town homes could be built there.

He also said there is room for three to four commercial businesses and that Washington Commons is considering a grocery store, fast food restaurant, automotive uses and a convenience store/gas station.

He said Royal Farms and other convenience store chains have looked at the property.

Scott said the site’s proximity to Va. 7 makes it a “natural retail place.”

Washington Commons still needs to submit a master development plan to Frederick County for approval and have it reviewed by the necessary agencies, he said, adding that there are currently no plans to rezone the property.

“It’s a long process,” Scott said in a Monday phone interview. “If we start all of that now, it would take at least a year before any ground is broken on the project.”

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An observation from along time resident. We are always told by the developer, Frederick County Planning, and VDOT that a development will have a positive impact on the county. Yet, in just a few years, all can see that the roads are gridlocked and the schools overflowing. So I do not believe the impact studies. They are always proven wrong. That is why our taxes keep going up. We keep approving bad deals. Am I against development? No, just bad deals that cost me money.


Yes more traffic is likely, but I would prefer more traffic in this area rather than an area that is not set up for it. That intersection is vital to national security by VDOT and US Govt so it will always get the attention it needs. Also, that is a logical site for high density residential development as commercial uses which will help generate more tax revenue for the county. If residents don’t want kitty litter plants out in the “country”, we must take commercial development in areas that ideally suited for it. Lastly, part of the planning for this project is traffic studies...they will spend lots of money to determine best options and then build new spurs, parking, emergency access and more. It is in their own best interest.


I agree. You can not put your head in the sand. Development is going somewhere so why not put it here where hopefully the powers that be will use the opportunity to improve traffic and augment existing roads to relieve the mess at the interchange of Route 7 with I-81.


Good luck on that one dmjc.

Steve Cunningham

i bet you a dollar that the developer will do everything within his power to limit how much infrastructure that he will provide.

They better make all residential traffic enter/exit off of Valley Mill Road and not have direct access to Route 7, unless they can do it at the traffic light at Gateway Drive. There are already several accidents per week at that intersection so that may not be a great idea without some substantial upgrades by the developer. The land is already zoned for the developer, so hopefully the planning commission makes them do this project right and not on the cheap, the way they tend to do.


Just what we need. More traffic on Route 7.

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