Dollar General

The Dollar General store on the Loudoun Street is closing, but no date has been announced yet.

WINCHESTER — The Dollar General store that has been a fixture on the Loudoun Street Mall for half a century is closing.

That’s according to Angela Petkovic, public relations specialist for the Tennessee-based Dollar General Corp.

“Dollar General continually evaluates our store locations to determine how to best serve our customers and assess[es] a number of factors in doing so,” Petkovic wrote in a Friday afternoon email.

She did not disclose the reason for the downtown store’s closing, and did not return a phone call seeking additional information.

No date for the closure has been announced.

Petkovic was initially contacted by The Winchester Star following local rumors that the Loudoun Street Mall store was planning to leave its leased location and move elsewhere in the city.

“Dollar General made the decision to close our 145 N. Loudoun St. store in Winchester, Virginia, and this store will not be relocating to another location,” Petkovic wrote.

As of Friday evening, the Loudoun Street Mall store’s six employees — three full-time, three part-time — had not been informed of the corporate decision to close.

Dollar General is currently the only store on the walking mall that sells groceries. When it shuts down, the nearest grocery stores will be on Berryville Avenue and South Pleasant Valley Road, neither of which are in easy walking distance for downtown residents.

Petkovic said customers are encouraged to visit Winchester’s other Dollar General store at 2824 Valley Ave.

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As the article mentioned, this is terrible for those who walk there to get food. Does the city have a hand in this, to perhaps push low income people out so they can gentrify the areas they now live?


Never forget, them awful "gentrifiers" pay WAAAAY more taxes than you or those you moralise about. Mkay.


What sad news for those who live downtown and don't have access to a car. I think especially of those who live at the senior complex on Cameron Street.


I think parking is the issue. our meter readers are zealous in their duties and folks arent coming downtown.


That seems like a stupid excuse. If that's truly the issue, put another quarter in the stinking meter!

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