Theodore Albert Ledwell

WINCHESTER — A driver is accused of leading police on a chase at speeds of up to 105 mph for four or five miles on Interstate 81 and Martinsburg Pike (U.S. 11) beginning at 11:25 p.m. on Saturday.

Deputy J.T. Fletcher wrote in a criminal complaint that the pursuit began he tried to stop a vehicle on the entrance ramp at I-81 north by Millwood Pike for an equipment violation. He said the driver, who he identified as Theodore Albert Ledwell, fled and exited the interstate at exit 317 onto Martinburg Pike, where he headed south.

“Speeds reached 105 mph during the incident with Theodore going from lane to lane,” he said. “Deputies were eventually able to box the vehicle in and take Theodore into custody.”

Fletcher said after Ledwell was advised of his Fifth Amendment Miranda right against self-incrimination, he admitted to drinking a shot of Fireball — a cinnamon-flavored whiskey — smoking marijuana and taking a pill of a substance unknown to him. Fletcher said Ledwell was nodding off, had trouble standing and had glassy eyes during the interrogation.

Ledwell was charged with eluding police, reckless driving, driving under the influence and disregarding a signal from a police officer. The 33-year-old Ledwell’s driving record includes multiple convictions for driving with a suspended or revoked license, driving without insurance, driving with an expired registration and driving with improper headlights.

Ledwell, of the 200 block of Cloud Street in Front Royal, was being held without bond at the Northwestern Regional Adult Detention Center on Monday night. He is due in Frederick General District Court at 1 p.m. on Feb. 22.

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Is he a victim of black privilege or socialist privilege? [unsure]


Just think, if Gov. Northam signs the absolutely ridiculous legislation (HB 5058) passed by both the Dem-controlled House and Senate, the LEO would never have been allowed to initiate this traffic stop due to faulty equipment.


Looks like a Trump voter to me!


Looks like a loser drug addict to me.


StellaBob, do you you ever say anything credible?


Anarchy still calls to a small and dwindling segment of our populace. No traffic laws, firearm restrictions, no health department or social safety net on the other side of the globe. Somalia beckons!!

Doc Samson

Define anarchy, oh culturally insensitive one.

BTW, research shows that most people are actually capable of "governing" themselves without a nanny state. It's this weird thing called "freedom"...

Doc Samson

Dangerous and reckless with 2 tons of steel and no comments from Leftists on passing "MOAR LAWS" to stop this type of behavior? Weird...

If only he'd been dangerous and reckless with a firearm...[rolleyes][lol]

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