You may find this middlin’ odd, but it really isn’t.

When the SEALs went in a few years back and dispatched Osama bin Laden to his 72 virgins, Democrats wildly lauded the action taken by their leader, President Obama.

But when another administration, which happens to be Republican, nabs another notorious terrorist killer, Qassam Soleimani, all they seem to do is seek Capitol Hill hearings in the matter.

Why is that? We thought politics stopped at the water’s edge.

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Wow, the TDS nuts have come out in force today! The shorter the editorial, the longer their comments! Good job, Star, keep telling the truth to these snowflakes!


TDS at it's finest

Spock Here

The only thing I can add to the very good comments here so far is that one difference is that Bin Laden was a hunted guy....not a military leader. There is a difference in killing an outlaw terrorist and creating a martyr. That he deserved it is understood, but the administration lies daily and by their spinning lies and misinformation, how can we believe anything?


Many Americans, republican and democrat, want no more wars such as what Mr. Bush got us into 20 years ago. Since the majority of Americans did not vote for Trump, many see him as an illegitimate president who was assisted into office by the Russians and blatant voter manipulation. And we see his daughter making millions off of China, as her Dad makes millions off of us. Many Americans, middle of the road types, who are not fooled or brain washed by the propaganda of FOX or MSNBC,...….average Americans......many gun owners, Christians, etc.....see this man speak ill of our intelligence agencies, war heroes, veterans, ...even women and children. Many Americans have little faith in anything this man does or says, partly because he lies so frequently......or maybe because he has cheated on every wife he ever had. ( What might he do to us ? ) And seeing how he has recently been impeached (and we are awaiting to see if his Senate cronies will uphold their oath ) anything this man does is suspect. Anything this friend of the murderer Putin, this

lying , womanizing, draft dodging, egotistical, " person" does is suspect. Particularly with the timing of it, and the four different types of lies Trump ( and Pence ) have used to justify it. He has vilified free press and free speech. All must agree and walk lock-step with him or they are " the enemy ". He has encouraged hate groups here and abroad...…….as well as many dictators world-wide. Normally Americans will get behind any president for actions of war. He, Donald J. Trump, is relying upon and using this, whether that Iranian general should or should not have been killed , is a almost a small matter compared to what has happened to our nation overall. Too many Americans read very little this days. And Trump has stated he reads little. Your paper and it's readers might want to take that up for action. Some are indeed embracing ignorance . Those who would kill democracy rely upon ignorance, fear , and hate. Self preservation, or a concern for others, requires the intelligent to fight this. May God bless our nation. PS: I'm a veteran...and some strangers , at times, have assumed I'm a republican due to some of my conservative ways


Geez, I am so glad you are intelligent enough to list all the horrible traits of your President, no one ever does that, daily, habitually here, in the Star's comments section. I would never assume you are conservative, merely from the lengthy comment you posted. TDS, everyday, nothing new to read here, sigh.

Jim McCarthy

American values do not stop at the water’s edge. Really, Star, stop pandering childish nonsense to readers. If y’all can’t distinguish the difference, it’s time to cease editorial writing.


We bring freedom to people...especially if they mess with us.


Politics haven't stopped at the water for decades now. (Alas) Just look at all the "investigations" of Benghazi.

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