Law enforcement authorities agree that one key to curbing certain types of crime is to sever the supply-and-demand link. Fewer drug addicts means less demand for pushers and thus, fewer of them, for example.

Federal officials don’t seem to be doing a very good job of that in regard to illegal immigrants. Critics of policy say a case in point is the massive raid on seven food-processing plants in Mississippi several days ago.

A small army of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents surrounded the plants, one by one, and arrested about 680 workers alleged to be in this country illegally. It should be noted that despite outcries of “inhumane” treatment, ICE officials went out of their way to ensure none of the immigrants’ children were left alone at any time.

But as ICE continues processing the immigrants arrested in the raids, owners of the plants remain free — despite the fact they, too, are alleged to have broken the law by hiring “undocumented” workers. At last report, no charges had been filed against plant owners or managers.

Critics of policy regarding those who employ illegal immigrants say it is too easy for the companies and their managers to dodge responsibility. The law states that for them to be held liable, they must have known they were hiring undocumented workers.

“The ‘knowingly’ term has proved to be a huge defense for employers,” an official at the Migration Policy Institute told The Associated Press. “The employer says, ‘I’m sorry. I didn’t know they were unauthorized.’”

During fiscal 2018, ICE was able to convict just 49 company managers for breaking the law in hiring illegal immigrants.

Perhaps Congress should take another look at the statutes, in an effort to make it more perilous for companies and their managers to hire people in this country illegally.

Many of those who sneak across our borders do so in the knowledge it will not be difficult for them to find work in the United States. Cracking down on those engaging in unscrupulous hiring practices could make coming here illegally far less attractive.

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Mark Anderson

So these violent, free-loading, no tax paying, immigrants were arrested at....Work? Ah, really making America great, arresting productive people for being productive without a license. Maybe we should just deport Boomers who are busy whining about "illegals" on welfare while they suck up that social security check each month?


This is all such a sick joke. I’ve never heard such a blatantly stupid comment like that before, Anderson. Accusing law abiding retirees who are collecting legally earned Social Security benefits, who happen to complain about people breaking our once sovereign laws. It is you who should seek asylum somewhere. Oh, and good luck...most if not all other countries are not so easily fooled.


Thanks, Eredmon, I appreciate your rational comments in this irrational world.


Amen. What a slap in the face


Very well written. The employer need to be held responsible. . Supply and demand and I mean ALL employers. Just like article in star few weeks back about apple picker from mexico that had been working here illegally for years at this farm. Such a shame when we have so many legal citizens and immigrants in the usa who say they are homeless and hungry. If you receive welfare and are able bodied go work on these farms. Standing on corner begging. Since its illegal, maybe they really want to work. Haha. All these criminals in jail for non violent crimes. How bout a work detail. Thete are employers in area who know they are hiring illegals with fake ss card. The get rounded up, deported and come back with another name and ss card. How is that right


I can't wait to see Don, Jr., Eric and daddy in the dock for hiring those here without documents. There are Americans who will testify they were denied employment at Mara Largo in favor of the easily exploited undocumented labor pool.


Most companies hire contractors to do their staffing, I'd be willing to bet it's done to avoid these issues. Bottom line, whoever hires illegal aliens should be put out of business. Then, the only contractors around would be legitimate ones.


Yep that's where all the illegals work in the US, Mara Largo, thousands employed right there, all Trump's fault. Another day, another laugh, courtesy of CRT, no matter what the topic, so informative, so enlightening, so monotonous.


You're so easily triggered, ralcabin! And so whiny. It's not just Mara Largo. It's all the vineyards, the hotels and any other ventures the Trumps are involved in. Why would the President, who yammers on about "illegals", hire them? One would think he of all people would have the means to make sure all of his hires are legal.


Easily triggered, I have read your rantings for months now, with very little commenting, you are speaking of yourself, & I was waiting for you to call me something, it's all you have in your arsenal of insults. You are & obviously will continue to be amusing in your daily rants.


I'm having a hard time understanding what you wrote (your grammar is terrible), but it seems you're a little obsessed with me. Funny how you don't address the substance of the issue, i.e. Trump properties employing undocumented workers. Oh, and I'm flattered, but spoken for...


There isn't anything wrong with my grammar, perhaps all the insults & slurs that are always found in your comments are missing. You are proving my point of why I seldom comment, you will always find something wrong, irregardless. I was merely pointing out all illegals don't work at one business, until you decided to expand on your first comment. Now hopefully your thirst for combative comments is quenched for today, which I know will never happen, you need this venue, & I need my daily laughs.


Not obsessed CRT, I would never attempt to break up the love affair you are having with yourself, lol.

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