Should one need further proof that the federal government and its bureaucracy are dangerously behind and out-of-touch with reality, take a look at the “revelation” presented by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention last week.

It turns out, childhood trauma — or Adverse Childhood Experiences, in CDC jargon — can lead to physical and mental health problems later in life. The CDC knows it’s true because it finally got around to conducting a study, which found those with a higher number of ACEs had significantly higher numbers of health and lifestyle issues such as obesity, heart disease, depression, and even drug or alcohol abuse, as adults.

Those results will come as no surprise to those working in health care and education here in our area.

What a shame that it takes the federal government’s stamp of legitimacy on decades worth of observations by those actually working with at-risk kids before real change can take place.

While it is infuriating to realize we have become so dependent on the federal government telling us what is true, rather than using our own critical thinking and common sense, it is good to know the feds have caught up, at least on this one. Here’s hoping it truly will make a difference — possibly with some funding to help states such as those where drug abuse has caused a spike in ACEs.

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Jim McCarthy

Hey, Ping, I have seen enough of your comments to know what you will write on a topic before you post. Such is the predictability of paleoconservative ideologues. Or, you will offer some snarky put down. Sticks and stones, fella.


Pot. Kettle. Black.


And what about the trauma being inflicted on children at the border?


Always someone elses problem. Take responsibity for your actions. Abuse as child, if can afford drug lifestyles get mental health instead of drugs


You and Conservative need to get together and start the Winchester Misanthrope Society.


The difference between liberals and conservatives: Your car breaks down on the side of the road. The conservative figures you can take care of your own business and that you know what is best for yourself. So, they pass on by and don't help you. The liberal thinks they know exactly how to help you and stop to do so. Unfortunately, they somehow manage to set your car on fire in the process and burn it up. [beam]


This editorial makes no sense. Are you saying that because the CDC had only recently completed a study, nothing has been done regarding the issues you cite? There is federal funding available to states with high rates of drug abuse.

Jim McCarthy

“ours.” Was this a reference to some public policy health initiative that was known to Star? Was the group of “ours” huddled in the Star newsroom waiting for the CDC report to criticize the agency? Really, Star, sometimes - nay most of the time - your nonsensical screedologies are plain dumb.


Hey! I know who you really are Jim! You are Ann Lewis, the old Democrat spokesperson! Welcome to Winchester, Ann....or is it Shari?

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