What has occurred thus far in the impeachment inquiry against President Trump bears little resemblance to a criminal trial — and that is appropriate. The House of Representatives move against Mr. Trump involves politics, not allegations of criminal behavior.

Much of the inquiry was conducted behind closed doors, with only a few days of public testimony choreographed tightly by Democrats who control the House.

Now, though, the House intelligence committee controlled by Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., has concluded that phase of its work. Next, the committee will compile a report intended to outline whether Mr.Trump should be impeached by the House and tried by the U.S. Senate.

Presumably, the bulk of the document will be prepared by staffers who work for Mr. Schiff and other Democrat lawmakers. Minority Republicans on the intelligence committee will summarize their own views, also in writing.

Once completed — perhaps within a week — the document will be circulated to other House members, in preparation for debate and a vote on whether to impeach the president.

Think of the report as something like the closing arguments you see in fictional trials on television. It gives Mr. Schiff and Co. an opportunity to spin testimony in an attempt to prove their point, with Republicans given an opportunity to respond in kind.

For the report to do its job, it will have to lay out specific claims of misbehavior alleged to have been committed by Mr. Trump.

The Constitution provides for impeachment for “Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.” Democrats are expected to rest their case on a claim that Mr. Trump bribed Ukrainian officials by insisting they investigate former Vice President Joe Biden’s son, as a condition of U.S. foreign aid to Ukraine being released.

Given the fact no such investigation was conducted and the aid was released, one wonders how Democrats will prove their case.

In any event, their opportunity to do so — or fail — is imminent. Do not expect it to make much different in how House members vote. Nearly every Democrat, if not all, will vote for impeachment. Nearly every Republican, if not all, will vote against.

That alone should tell fair-minded Americans the whole process has been a political vendetta, not a search for the truth.

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Oh , pay offs. These , if they happened, were before election. I did not have sex with that woman there are more quotes to that effect. There has been alot of money after in congress paid as hush money with tax dollars, but I guess that ok. Did the "favor" happen no. Did they get their aid. Yes. Next time you say hey can you do me a favor and its actually done. Go to jail and do not pass go. Here say does not convict someone of questionable "crimes" whole impeachment a joke


Spock Here

Attempted bribery is a crime. Goodness,I’ve never seen so many people in an administration with nothing to hide work so hard to hide it! Bill was impeached, by the way, if I understand your gibberish correctly

Jim McCarthy

The Star could hardly write any thing less than a condemnation of the impeachment process without a mention of the substance of the issues. Remember campaign finance violations paying off women for silence?; remember blackmailing the Ukraine for oppo action on an opposing candidate?; remember obstructing justice?

While it's true that the impeachment process is political, the substance of the accusations is not. That is what must be judged. And if they are true, a verdict in the Senate along party lines is surely political. Please, Star, try to educate not obfuscate.


So sad dems and far wing liberals tried to spin their tale. Their case was not proved. I hope one day yall get accused of hear say evidence that never came to be put you in jail for life. Seems to me foreign leaders are bending towards trumps demands instead of apology tier. Now that made us a laughing stock in the world.


Just a little kibble for angry, vindictive snowflakes in their little blue woke bubbles.

Jim McCarthy

So little reason in so few words full of sound signifying nothing. Sad.


Copying and saving this perfect comment lolol!


Still telling fortunes, Miss Cleo?


Thank you, Ann! Coming from a true master such as yourself, that is quite the compliment!


That fact that the impeachment vote will fall along party lines says nothing about the truth of the allegations, and everything about politics.



Spock Here

Attempted bribery is a crime. Goodness,I’ve never seen so many people in an administration with nothing to hide work so hard to hide it!


Attempted bribery is no less a crime than a successful act of bribery. Though shame is not crime, he is most guilty of that too, as he continues to embarrass the office and America. But I am most troubled by those who continue to support and defend him. Have they no shame? “Animal Farm” in contemporary, real life.

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