It is a virtually foregone conclusion that the House of Representatives — Democrats in it, that is — will vote to impeach President Donald Trump. When that happens, it will go down as the most transparently political impeachment in history.

Not a single Republican in the House is expected to vote in favor of impeachment. That alone stamps the process as a desperate attempt by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and other Democrats to damage Mr. Trump in advance of the 2020 election.

On Tuesday, Mrs. Pelosi’s team revealed two of the articles of impeachment — specific accusations — on which the House will vote, probably within days.

One claim is that Trump subverted the U.S. election process. How?

Democrats insist that the president’s request for Ukrainian leaders to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, corrupts the election process. Mr. Biden is the leading Democratic candidate for president next year.

But in fact, Mr. Trump sought only an investigation of Hunter Biden’s role in a Ukrainian company, Burisma, and whether corruption played any part in him landing the $50,000-a-month post on Burisma’s board. And, of course, there is the matter of the elder Mr. Biden withholding $1 billion in U.S. aid to Ukraine while he insisted that nation’s chief prosecutor be fired.

Bottom line: Mr. Trump asked Ukrainian leaders to look into the Bidens. How would information from such an investigation — the truth, presumably — have corrupted the election process?

Mr. Trump also is accused of endangering U.S. national security. Again, how?

Democrats’ case rests solely on the president’s order that some U.S. aid to Ukraine be held up, for a few weeks.

But Mr. Trump has a clear record of questioning the level of U.S. assistance to many other countries and, on occasion, ordering that its delivery be delayed. In any event, the lag in providing aid to Ukraine had absolutely no effect on our national security.

Mrs. Pelosi and other leaders in her party have staged a circus of hearings intended to besmirch the president. They know that once a trial is held in the Senate, he will be acquitted.

The Democrat show, then, is solely for political purposes, to damage Mr. Trump in advance of the 2020 election.

An obvious question, then, is to ask just who is really subverting the election process.

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Democrats have sealed their fate, their continuous investigations & accusations against a Republican president since the time he was elected to office is unbelievable. Sore losers wouldn't even begin to describe their party. They had a Democrat for President for 8 years, we are a nation of two major parties, why can't Democrats realize that & accept an election?

They accuse Trump of mockery, slander, & hatred, when this is all I see exhibited daily from their party. The first comment in today's online Star is a perfect example of that. How are they behaving better? I think of the Democrats roots, & I see the same hatred as when their party was established & they were members of the KKK. Established on pure hatred, which is all I am seeing from them today.

Hillary was so angry & upset when she lost, hey, she stuck by her man, through all of his affairs, choosing poitical power over principles, yeah, she's angry.

Schiff, (eyes wide open), is making the late night talk show circuit now, popularity over principles. It's just a circus, with loud ringleaders, but their tent will implode upon their party.


Lets hope so. We know what the left thinks of the other half and what theya re willing to do to harm us.


To quote Adam Schiff: "The President tried to shake down the leader of another country by withholding hundreds of millions of dollars of military assistance to a nation at war with Russian in which Ukranians are dying every day and did so to coerce that country into helping with his re-election campaign, helping him to cheat in his re-election by investigating and smearing his rival. That's the essence of Article One, the abuse of his office to coerce foreign interference in our election. Article Two is just as significant because it is the obstruction of congress's investigation, the coverup by the Administration of that conduct. If this President or any President can simply say to Congress, 'We will give you no witnesses, We will allow you no documents, no matter what subpoenas with lawful process we receive', it will mean that this President and future Presidents can be as corrupt, malfeasant and negligent as they choose without any accountability. So that's the heart of it, a shakedown of a foreign country to help his reelection and the coverup of that shakedown."


Next time, just say, “Watch MSNBC, especially Maddow” and you won’t have to write so much.


Exactly. Maddow is a pretty cool guy...


To quote Adam Schiff . Now that's funny stuff right there. [lol][lol][lol][lol][lol]


BUT NEVER MIND JOE BIDEN ADMITTED he forced Ukraine to FIRE A PROSECUTOR. WHo just HAPPENED to be investigating the compnay that hired drug addict/incestuous son of Biden...with NO experience in the business. NEVER MIND THAT< right Haggie. Keep trying


The editor has. American citizens are tired of this charade and are not as stupid as the democratic party would have you believe. They know its a sham and president Trump will prove that when he is re elected in 2020.


Trump does not care about corruption in Ukraine, he only wanted an announcement of an investigation, not an actual investigation. Oh, and this announcement would just happen to involve the son of his presumed rival in our next election. And although Biden's son has been on the board since 2014, Trump just happened to be interested in this during the start of this election cycle. Mr. Editor, you need to open your eyes.

Spock Here

This is typical. Once again, Joe Biden was carrying out US foreign policy which was to get rid of corruption. This bipartisan policy was supported by other countries. Mr. Thanos was going against US foreign policy by withholding aid that had bipartisan support and had been appropriated by congress. Why ask Ukraine to investigate when we have a DOJ? Hunter Biden stinks, as do Ivanka, Jared, and Jr. So fix that issue. And, editor, fix what you read, you really need to look at the entire picture.


This is typical. Liberal shill follows party line.

Spock Here

So is your response, I could have typed it myself.


Well, just put a little note on your future posts that you are a shill, and it will save me some time.

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