Sometimes — and surprisingly, you may say — the most insightful commentators on President Trump’s vexing popularity are women.

Take syndicated columnist Salena Zito, for instance. She was, perhaps, the most prescient of presidential predictors, because she picked a Trump victory. And she did so early on.

How so? Working at the time for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, she looked at Pennsylvania with open eyes. She could see it changing, at least for the 2016 electoral cycle, from blue to red.

Now Ms. Zito’s prescience has gotten her into a bit of journalistic hot water. She’s been accused, among other things, of plagiarism, fabulism (defined as “magic realism in which fantastical elements are placed into an everyday setting”), and just shoddy journalism in general.

Whether these charges constitute professional jealousy or, as Vox has written, are obvious and easily proven, there’s little question Ms. Zito’s show-leather exploration of smaller Rust Belt precincts produced a feeling that something was truly a-stirring in 2016. That can’t be denied.

What’s more, Ms. Zito also coined perhaps the campaign’s most telling quote about Mr. Trump: “The press takes him literally, but not seriously; his supporters take him seriously, but not literally.”

This line of thought leads to India-born freelance writer Saritha Prabhu, whose commentary for The Federalist — “10 Reason I Like Donald Trump” — we’ve excerpted for “Today’s Quote” (see above).

We wish we could run the entire article, if only to show there are some women, or at least one, who “get” the president. But we will quote Ms. Prabhu’s slam-bang conclusion, an indictment of the nation’s “elite.” To wit:

“(H)is flaws and missteps are small potatoes compared to the decades-long, monumental corruption and dishonesty of our ruling and media elite, and the contempt they have toward voters.

“The most fun and illuminating part has been watching the mainstream media, academia, Hollywood, and the Democratic Party rip their tolerant masks off and show themselves for what they actually are: vicious, intolerant people who are dangerous when backed into a corner.

“I’m now squarely in the camp who believes that Trump is alright, and that nothing he says or does is worse than what the ruling class and media elites do and are capable of. He is far better — or at least far less worse —than them. Truly, as someone said, the office sought the man.”

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Nothing he says or does? Now that's a cult.


That coming from a member of the cult of impeachment.

Spock Here

Whatever. I guess he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and get away with it, according to this.


Legally, it would depend on who and why.

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