Throughout the past decade until 2017, Republicans in the General Assembly steadfastly stood foursquare against the expansion of Medicaid protection to working Virginians. The primary reason: The state feared it would be forced to pick up more and more of the tab should the federal government renege on its pledge to pay for the lion’s share of the expansion.

But look who now is demonstrating bad faith? After Democrats made dramatic gains in the General Assembly in 2017, many Republicans agreed to expansion of the medical program providing there was some work provision involved. And so the agreement was made — but not for long.

After gaining control of both houses of the General Assembly this year, Democrats are taking a step back from the bipartisan compromise, Now, it is unlikely any work provision will be enacted.

“Virginians made it clear they want more access to health care, not less,” Gov. Northam said Wednesday in somewhat of a non sequitur. We don’t quite understand how a work provision would reduce the number of folks actually on Medicaid. All it means is that for certain people to qualify a work provision would be necessary.

For good reason, state Republicans are seeing red. They feel like they’ve been had — and they are right.

“He [Northam] gave his personal assurance that the long-term policy of the commonwealth would be Medicaid expansion with a work requirement,” said Republican Del. Todd Gilbert, R-Shenandoah, soon to be his party’s House minority leader.

“Broken promises like this are the reason so many people hate politics.”

They sure are.

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And on it goes. Like so many of the liberals plans, conservatives would like to know where in the world the money is supposed to come from to pay for them. And that way of throwing more and more money towards an ever-increasing number of social problems, is already bankrupt. There has never been, and there never will be a guarantee that our government will care for our needs from cradle to grave.

Spock Here

"Thoughts and Prayers," Editor

Jim McCarthy

A recent study indicated Virginia’s Medicaid expansion will save 900 lives. How many were lost during the years the GOP held its breath and votes? The same resistance applies to the GOP cancellation of the special session on gun control. Sanctimony and Hypocrisy, thy name is GOP.


Governor Moonwalker


I have noticed a lot of these types of issues too.


According to the headline, the Star wants seniors to work for their Medicare. Did Ogden layoff the proofreaders?


You should respond with a better level of knowledge. Medicare and Medicaid are not at all the same.


They've changed the headline since I wrote my comment. The word Medicare was used in place of Medicaid. Bad proofreading by The Star.

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