Police officers and sheriff’s deputies are accused regularly — and as a class — of being too eager to use violence, especially against African-Americans. Those who have that attitude ought to consider what happened last week in Philadelphia.

During the day there, police went to a house with the intent of serving a narcotics warrant. They were met by a hail of gunfire, allegedly from a man named Maurice Hill. He already had along rap sheet, including firearms charges.

Mr. Hill is African-American.

Some of the police officers managed to get out of the house. Two were trapped inside, along with three civilians they had arrested before Mr. Hill, 36, opened fire.

What happened next? A siege of several hours ensued, with police surrounding the house, evacuating some neighboring residents and trying to convince Hill to surrender.

After about five hours, a SWAT team went into the house, freed their fellow officers and the three civilians — then left. Police Commissioner Richard Ross kept talking to Mr. Hill by telephone, at one point enlisting the man’s attorney in an effort to end the standoff.

Finally, late Wednesday night, Mr. Hill walked out of the house with his hands in the air. He did not appear to have been injured.

Not so lucky were six Philadelphia police officers. All had been struck by bullets allegedly fired by Mr. Hill. One suffered a graze wound in his head.

Thankfully, all six were treated and released from hospitals within hours of being shot.

Stop and think about that. Six police officers shot — and the suspect taken into custody without injury.

Are there bad cops? Of course, just as there are bad people in each and every profession. But in law enforcement, the number dedicated genuinely to serving and protecting is much, much higher than those prone to misusing the badges and guns they carry.

The Philadelphia Six are Exhibit A in making that case.

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Then again, you could point out that black men have been shot while reaching for their wallets, or standing with their hands up while a white guy who shoots up a theater walks out alive. Same with a white guy who shot up a Walmart.

Spock Here

Shush now, you know talk like that just "stokes racial division". Hide your head in the sand!


You liberals want everything politically correct. Wanted to be called racist by y'all. So whi h way you want its


Why don't you snowflakes get offended when someone like Anton Scalia called himself an Italian American? Or those who call themselves Irish Americans.


So what part of Africa did this guy come from? Or, is the editorial author just generalizing that because the deranged criminal is black, he is an African-American? That's racist. Charlize Theron is an African-American, born in South Africa, but she is a white woman. An African-American is someone who was born in Africa, but also holds American citizenship. You don't ever hear of a black-skinned British citizen referred to as an African-Brit. It's a misuse of the term.

Spock Here

Lawdy, you sound like my old Aunt Harriet, you want to go back to terms like negro and redskins?


An American citizen is an American citizen.


Bravo, Ping. It’s a shame that more of them don’t realize, truly, just how lucky they are. There is a huge political motive behind these people who claim so much racism, as they stir a very volatile pot with their own divisive hate.


There you go, being obtuse as usual. If a person is being described by their skin color, then say that color. Black, white, brown, whatever. If someone describes him/herself as an African American, I always ask what part of Africa they are from. They usually say that they were born in America, so I have to tell them they are an American then. Same with someone who describes themselves as Asian American, Korean American, Latin American, etc. 9 times out of 10, they were born here, so they are Americans. Stupid.


Unfortunately, that is a term that Americans in general have applied to blacks. Don’t blame the editor. What term would you prefer? It is indeed a shame that Cops have such a negative image when they place their lives on the line every minute. My heart and thanks goes out to each and every one of them. No one thanks them but goodness should the outcome have been different the rath would have been upon them!

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