An Oregon man is lucky his idea of testing the Second Amendment did not result in his death. Another man, in Ohio, may be about to learn amassing an arsenal, then talking about mass shootings, isn’t funny at all.

What on Earth is wrong with these people and, sad to say, what appears to be a number of other Americans like them?

Last week, in the wake of mass murders in Texas and Ohio, 20-year-old Dmitriy N. Andreychenko left his home in Oregon, drove to Missouri, and walked into a Walmart store carrying a rifle and another gun, and protected by body armor. While terrified shoppers scattered, he walked around recording video on his cellphone.

An off-duty firefighter with a gun stopped Andreychenko and held him until police arrived to make the arrest.

Andreychenko said he was just trying to determine whether Walmart “honored the Second Amendment.” Let us hope he spends the next few years behind bars, pondering the dangerous stupidity of his stunt.

In Youngstown, Ohio, prosecutors have charged Justin Olsen, 18 with making online threats against federal agents. Officials say he also wrote that he supported mass killings and attacks on Planned Parenthood facilities. When police went to his home, they found 15 rifles, 10 pistols and about 10,000 cartridges for the guns.

Olsen told FBI agents all his comments were just a joke.

Responsible gun owners do not behave as Andreychenko and Olsen did. They understand firearms are no laughing matter. Neither are comments about killing people.

Both men ought to be prosecuted and, if found guilty, punished severely.

Millions of Americans are on edge about the potential for violence in our communities. Millions more disagree vehemently about what, if anything, can be done to prevent massacres such as those in Ohio and Texas.

This is no time for claiming threats are jokes, or for dangerous stunts that put the public at risk. This is serious.

Deadly serious.

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Ehete was the well regulated militia in el paso. If there were armed civilians, who were legally liscensed to carry concealed , most importantly well trained, i wonder how many people would have been saved. Look at situation in Philadelphia, he was a felon with a long criminal record and should have been in jail. Back to my point, criminals and sickos will get what they need to commit carnage. Whats sad citizens of that neighborhood were taunting and throwing rocks etc at law enforcement the very people who were trying to protect them. Criminals do not follow the law . Why should I be penalized. What about Chicago, strongest gun laws on books. They have more murders daily than any other state. Again criminals will acquire firearms. Put the criminals in jail and keep them there no matter skin color. The liberal media and Democrats fail to mention this. If guns cannot be used for self protection why do upper class and congress all travel with armed security??. What a double standard


Conservative The original US government did not have a standing army or official malitia, thus, they foresaw that they could call upon armed citizens, if needed, to create a "well regulated malitia". This is no longer the situation. We already have a 'well regulated militia' and so we would not expect to be called upon by the government for our national defense. THe 2nd amendment is obsolete, out of date, does not apply to the current, modern situation of the USA. It should be modified to fit reality and modernity.


Conservative: Hitler: "What about Hitler? He took away all the guns and look what happened there.

This is a commonly believed myth, when in fact the opposite was true.

After World War I, stiff gun regulations were placed on Germany as part of the sanctions for losing the war. Adolf Hitler actually loosened all gun regulations when he rose to power in 1938.

While it is true that Hitler did ban gun ownership for Jews, he simultaneously allowed all citizens with a hunting license to open carry and lifted regulations on gun and ammo purchases, while simultaneously extending all gun permits to be extended from one year to three years. Hitler’s gun control laws were so lax that German citizens under the age of 18 were allowed to apply for guns and were often successful in obtaining them legally. In other words, the citizens of Germany could have offered an armed resistance to their fascist government, but chose not to. The German citizens were tired of being poor and fell in line behind Adolf Hitler’s message of German superiority. Hitler did not support gun prohibition."


@ Conservative: "If the government wanted you dead, then your AR-15 or Glock 19 would be of absolutely zero assistance to you. Our military has the most sophisticated weapons and armor the world has ever known. There simply is no civilian weapon that could stand up to their tremendous military might. You could stand in front of an M1A2 SEP and fire thousands of rounds into it without impairing its function whatsoever. You would have even less chance of defending yourself against a drone strike that was absolutely invisible to the naked eye.

This isn’t 1786. You can’t simply load up your musket to defend against the British."


At least I would die in a battle and not cowering in some corner with nothing to defend myself with against a tyrannical force. Educate yourself with real history, and not revisionist tripe. And while you're at it, rethink your lifestyle choices.

Jim McCarthy

Could it be? Could it be? The power of owning and displaying a firearm drawing attention? Maybe that’s what’s wrong with these people.


The Second Amendment refers to and applies to a “well regulated militia”. THAT is the National Guard. That is all. If you are not on-duty with the National Guard, or the DOD, or the Police, the Second Amendment does not apply to you. Having permission to have a gun is a privilege, not a universal right.


Thanks for your comments, mein fuhrer.[whistling]

Jim McCarthy

Name call and deflect. Pathetic.


@slowe comments reflect what Hitler did to the Jews. The idiot in the article should have his gun rights revoked because he's obviously mentally unstable. The RIGHT to bear arms is to prevent a tyrannical government from trampling on the will of the citizenry. Period.

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