If President Trump is reading the same gun-control statistics as scholar Stephen Nash (see Open Forum at right), he may actually be considering the time has come to take some steps — minimal steps, minimal steps — in that direction. As Mr. Nash has observed, even National Rifle Association members would consider some restrictions.

To wit, and to reprise Mr. Nash: “NRA members ... support, by margins of 63 to 79 percent: background checks for every gun purchase, requiring owners to report to police when guns are lost or stolen, minimum standards for ‘concealed carry’ permits.”

To some extent, either or all three impediments exist in some states. For instance, in Virginia, you just don’t walk into a gun-dealer or even a municipal court and ask for a “concealed carry” permit, no other questions asked.

But in the case of Mr. Trump and the NRA, the question is: Why now? Certainly, the number of mass shootings has prompted folks to want to “do something.” In the case of Mr. Trump, with the Democrats in current disarray trying to choose a nominee, perhaps he thinks now is the time to make a move on this issue, one that would further burnish his credentials for next fall. Who knows with The Donald, except to say he may enjoy playing with fire or walking the wire?

The NRA is tougher to read. For such a meritorious organization whose goals are Second Amendment freedom and gun safety, perhaps it is weary of getting cuffed around from people who don’t know a Beretta from a BB-gun. Or it could be the organization believes it can, or should, surrender, for the sake of comity and compromise, on a few points, such as those pointed out Mr. Nash.

Whatever the case, we see neither Mr. Trump nor the NRA yielding on a basic right, the Second Amendment to the Bill of Rights. To do so, one day down the road that may prove an invitation to tyranny. Surrender on that right is simply not in our national DNA.

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First off, they are not " automatic" firearms. This is a slippery slope moving towards confiscation. Sometimes its just fun to go to range with more than 10 round mag, espically for individual who want training and hand strength or dexterity makes it difficult to keep reloading. These usually hour lessons and this takes up time. Does anyone need bump stock. Already banned, 100 round drum, not particularly. But these legal law abiding citizens are not the ptoblem. Tell me how confiscation will work. The sickos and criminals who already break the law, are they suddenly going to become law abiding citizens. I dont think so. I guess all people that have armed protection need to give it up and walk among us who will be unprotected. Maybe they need to get off their rich high horse and walk in a legal lawabiding citizens shoes unprotected


Where is the “well regulated militia” assumed in the 2nd Amendment? It is the National Guard. NOT every citizen. Unless you are a member of the National Guard, I don’t think the 2nd Amendment applies to you. Hunters and everyday blokes don’t need automatic and assault weapons for their purposes. They should be restricted to the National Guard: our well regulated militia.


The NRA is a fine organization? They have all but phased out any gun safety courses. They are a lobbying group keep its leader in high style. NRA donor money has been used to buy suits, luxury vacations and other perks cpsting hundreds of thousands of dollars for Wayne LaPierre. They even considered buying him a six million dollar mansion.

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To protect him from gun violence lol


The problem, in response, with "doing something", is that by virtue of legislating laws into place that further restrict the convenience and personal activity of law abiding citizens who have proven their decency, Congress yields to the mob hysteria and "witch hunt" mentality that the somewhat dubious polling data might suggest.

To restrict freedoms that are enshrined in the Constitution when such restrictions would have had no effect on the insane evil of previous mass shootings, nor provide any abatement to future tragedies, is why those of us who "are the NRA" resist such suggested legislation so vigorously. It is the "slippery slope" of such action that causes consternation among those who recognize that it is the 2nd Amendment that ultimately secures all the other Amendments and Constitutional protections. It is because the "evil that men do" will neither go away or be legislated away, but only our freedoms. We resist these measures not because we are opposed to seeking a solution to gun violence, but because we ask, "what next?", after the next crazed coward wrecks havoc with a gun. It is because we recognize that their are forces at work that have no interest in real solutions, but only to use these horrific moments in our freedom-loving culture to further their anti-gun agenda. It is because we recognize that once government takes something away, it almost never gives it back. It is because we realize that liberal dishonesty with regard to gun control is actually a co-conspirator with the next mass shooter because their legislative opportunism continues to distract us away from achieving meaningful solutions.

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Your paranoia is the problem


Tell that to the Jews. I think they have a better understanding.

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Nobody is going to take your gun away. You will be able to use it against Hillary and the Deep State when they come for you. Good Luck!


He's too busy writing fan letters to the El Paso shooter who carried out his oft professed fantasy of picking off brown folks.


Fantasy. Operative word. I dont think sane legal firearm owners want to shoot Hillary or anyone else. When you dont like what other people say that disagree with you you go into your fantasy world

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He's applying for a job with Kenny C I hear


CRT, you're wrong. I fantasize about shooting at illegal aliens attempting to cross our border illegally. I don't care about skin color, never have. The El Paso shooter, who you seem to have a fondness for now, murdered U.S. citizens and others in a Wal-Mart. You can come and take my gun and 15 round magazines from my cold, dead hands.

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