FBI Complex

The FBI Central Records Complex under construction on Millwood Pike east of Winchester is slated to open this spring.

WINCHESTER — The FBI Central Records Complex under construction on Millwood Pike (U.S. 50) should be operational in a few months.

The Central Records Complex at 57 Millwood Pike will streamline the FBI’s worldwide records management by consolidating records from 265 locations into a single facility, according to the General Services Administration. The roughly 256,000-square-foot facility will employ as many as 446 people.

Construction of the building has been substantially completed, Manali Basu, public affairs specialist with the FBI’s national press office, said this week.

Most of the jobs in the new facility will be moved from other FBI facilities, according to Basu.

Available jobs will be posted over time. Basu said prospective applicants should monitor the fbijobs.gov website for vacancies. He said the FBI uses the General Schedule (GS) pay scale and that salaries will vary by position type.

The GSA purchased the Millwood Pike site in June 2016 for $4.75 million from Leesburg-based Arcadia Land Inc. The GSA awarded Clark Construction Group LLC, out of Bethesda, Md., a $135 million contract to design and build the project.

Site work started in September 2017, and a groundbreaking ceremony for the building’s construction took place in October of 2017.

Basu said the FBI anticipates a phased move-in during spring and summer of this year but did not provide a specific date.

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What is it that has the federal government increasingly moving its operations out in to majority euro american counties? With all the cheap labour in the city urban areas why wouldnt they want them controlling the ship...kinda like Social Security that is grossly under representing euro american employment?


This is great for our economy in Frederick. With over 400 new positions being created new families with children will be citizens. More children means increased enrollment in our schools which are already overcrowded by as much as 116%. Because the Board of Supervisors (BOS) doesn't seem to understand this connection means the students will grow-up being taught in trailers because there's not enough space in our schools. The BOS just purchased the Save a Lot store for $2.3 million without any plans for how it's to be used. Once they do figure it out, imagine how much money it will require to renovate (or tear it down)! I simply don't understand the logic behind these decisions.


Wrong. These aren't new jobs.

Steve Cunningham

Yes, these will be new jobs in addition to the FBI jobs that are already here at other locations. Some of those will move to this location, but there will be new openings when this facility opens.


Nowhere near 400 new jobs. Nowhere.

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