Emergency crews respond to a water rescue early Thursday morning on Sulphur Springs Road at the Frederick/Clarke line. Two occupants trapped in a vehicle in fast-rising water were walked to safety. The vehicle can be seen in the background.

BERRYVILLE — Various roads in Clarke and Frederick counties were temporarily closed on Thursday due to flooding from heavy rain over the previous 24 hours.

Occupants of at least one vehicle had to be rescued from high water.

The National Weather Service issued flood warnings for areas along Opequon Creek in both counties. The warnings were rescinded by late afternoon.

Low-lying portions of Routes 646 (Nations Spring Road), 655 (Opequon Road) and 761 (Old Charles Town Road) in Clarke County were closed for part of the day, according to the Virginia Department of Transportation.

Also closed, in Frederick County, were portions of Routes 646 (Reardon Road), 655 (Sulphur Springs Road), 679 (Indian Hollow Road), 695 (Middle Fork Road), 699 (New Hope Road), 700 (Gardner’s Road) and 761 (Old Charlestown Road), VDOT reported.

Emergency officials in both counties responded to a vehicle rescue call along Opequon Road near Boyce around 6 a.m. Thursday. Frederick County swift water rescue team members waded out to victims on the Frederick portion of the road and transported them to the Clarke side. The scene then was turned over to the Clarke County Sheriff’s Office, a report prepared by that county’s Emergency Services Department showed.

“We just called a tow truck” for the people rescued, said Travis Sumption, chief deputy for the sheriff’s office. “Frederick County (crews) got them out of the vehicle.”

No ambulance was summoned to the Opequon Road incident, the Clarke report showed.

Measurements by Doppler radar at the weather service office in Sterling showed 1-3 inches of rain generally fell across the counties. Rainfall was heaviest north of Winchester, near Stephenson, and along and near Harry Byrd Highway (Va. 70 between Winchester and Berryville.

The weather service isn’t forecasting any more precipitation for the next seven days.

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