WINCHESTER — The Frederick County Planning Commission voted unanimously Wednesday night to recommend adding 27.26 acres in the Back Creek District to the South Frederick Agricultural and Forestal District, which would prevent the land from being developed.

The request to add the land to the district was made by Walter Nelson and Barbara Snapp Nelson. The parcel is located on West Oaks Lane, northwest of Cedar Creek Grade. If the Board of Supervisors approves the request, it would increase the district from 6,894.42 to 6,921.68 acres.

The supervisors will vote on the matter May 12.

County Planner Tyler Klein previously said that property owners who have land placed in the district receive tax benefits.

Also at the meeting, Klein showed the Planning Commission the master development plan for Senseny Village — a major development with 233 units being planned in the Red Bud District.

The plan calls for 107 single-family detached cluster units and 126 single-family attached townhome units on 73.79-acres, located south of Senseny Road (Route 657) at the terminus of Rossum Lane (Route 736). The property is generally west of Glenridge Drive (Route 865).

The plan includes buffers/screening, landscaping elements, recreation amenities, open space and pedestrian accommodations. Right-of-way dedication also is included for the planned future expansion of the Va. 37 bypass.

The property is owned by U.S. Home Corporation, which builds and sells single-family homes. The plan was sent to the county by Greenway Engineering for informational purposes only. The property was rezoned in 2006, with the approved proffer statement allowing up to 285 dwelling units.

The plan will be reviewed by the Board of Supervisors on May 12.

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how about dumping 230 homes worth of vehicles onto a cul-de-sac Glenridge drive. They are offering no road improvements or sidewalks to the neighborhoods that the traffic will be on. It was originally planned for single family homes not crappy townhomes and whatever detached cluster homes are. Good job planning commission. Taking the original layout of 55 single family homes and rezoning it too 230 lower cost homes. I'm sure my quiet street homes property value will drop. Appreciate it.

Mr Incredible

Greenwood Mill is full. Millbrook is full, and once again, the Board of Stupervisors, properly greased by they developer buddies, approves yet another subdivision. Now,

let Mr Incredible predict the future. I say two years from now, the BoS will look around and say "Gee, where are all these kids gonna go to school?"

Steve Cunningham

This was approved in 2006 and is actually an extension of Glenmont Village. All of this was rezoned for residential in the early 1980's predating all other development along Senseny Road. Our current BoS hands are tied with this one, the real 'good ol boys' approved this one years ago, when that was a thing in the county.


before 2006 is when it was setup for single the 50 single family homes. They still could have gotten improvements before allowing them to proceed. I was against it back then also and its worse with all the kids on our street to put that much traffic with no sidewalks.

Steve Cunningham

If you talk to a BoS member they are not allowed to make the developer pay for any improvements outside of the development. I still believe that they are wrong and the developer should be made to pay for the infrastructure that their development will need to make our community safe. The problem is that even though it was approved for 50 single family homes way back then, the planning commission in their esteemed wisdom have cut back on requirements and now allow smaller lots sizes and less green space along with townhomes as 'single family' homes thus squeezing more homes in a subdivision. I have said for years now that they planning commission actually does NO planning, they are just a rubber stamp for developers. Makes the 15 townhomes across Senseny Road from you look like a good thing now doesn't it??

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