WINCHESTER — Heading into the Nov. 5 election, Frederick County has a small increase in its number of registered voters, while Winchester and Clarke County have small decreases.

Oct. 15 was the last day to register to vote in the upcoming general election. A number of state and local races are on area ballots.

Winchester has 16,460 registered votes, according to city General Registrar Liz Martin. That’s a 0.5% decrease compared to last year, when 16,538 people were registered to vote.

Clarke County has 11,039 registered voters, says Clarke General Registrar Barbara Bosserman, which is down from 11,086 in 2018, a 0.4% dip.

The number of registered voters in Frederick County stands at 59,562, up from 59,200 in 2018, a 0.6% increase, according to Rich Venskoske, the Frederick general registrar.

From 2017 to 2018, voter registration numbers bumped up in all three localities. Winchester’s jumped 4.8%, Frederick’s increased 4.7% and Clarke’s went up 3.9%.

Increases in voter registration numbers are often indicative of new people moving into a locality or interest in a presidential election, officials said.

Local numbers may see an increase in 2020, when voters go to the polls to elect the country’s next president.

“Wait till next year,” Venskoske said.

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Have the registrars gone around to the cemeteries yet? I'm sure there are a lot of long dead democrats who need to register if they are going to vote several times each in the upcoming election.


I hope every voter realizes that a vote for Millholland is a vote for Democratic ways especially in reference to our Gun rights and Sanctuary Counties (There are 3 counties in Va already that are sanctuary Counties – Fairfax, Arlington & Chesterfield) and two of those Sheriffs joined Millholland in endorsing Northam for Gov. in 2017.

I can see Frederick County being added to that list especially since Millholland said he’s confident most sheriffs would need to hear a good reason before aiding in ICE operations. Local law enforcement isn’t going to help round up people who haven’t broken any local laws. “It’s not going to happen in Frederick County,” he said. “Not so long as I’m sheriff.” (Does someone need to become a victim before he might act)

Sheriff Millholland says he is an Independent and that Sheriff’s should not be involved in politics; But Actions speak louder than words.

In 2013 AND 2017 Sheriff Millholland used the weight of his office to Endorse Democrat Mark Herring for Attorney General and in 2017 he endorsed Ralph Northam for Governor.

I personally believe if an elected official uses the weight of his office to endorse candidates and influence voters then the candidates need to have views most aligned to his constituents. Mr. Millholland must agree with their policies or he wouldn’t have endorsed them.

When you endorse someone and help them get into office you are partially responsible for their decisions. Mr. Millholland should remember Virginia Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam is facing backlash after he voiced his support for a state measure that would significantly loosen restrictions on late-term abortions.

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