FRONT ROYAL — The Front Royal Town Council plans at its meeting on Monday to consider a local rule that would prevent private employers from retaliating against workers who refuse to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

Councilman E. Scott Lloyd brought up his proposed ordinance at a work session on July 12. Lloyd has said that some employers can threaten workers who decline to receive a vaccination with termination. His proposal has been dubbed the “Medical Freedom Ordinance.”

Council members have discussed the topic at several work sessions.

The ordinance, if adopted, would prohibit any business or entity that operates in town from requiring that its employees, volunteers or members receive a COVID-19 vaccine as a condition of employment or membership.

During a June work session, Town Attorney Douglas Napier said he wanted to do more research on the proposal. Most council members at that time did not support putting the proposed ordinance on a meeting agenda for possible consideration. Members were in favor of not requiring town employees to receive the vaccine.

Virginia’s open meeting laws require that the governing body hold a public hearing when considering an ordinance. But Town Council does not plan to hold a hearing on the proposed ordinance. Rather, members added the proposal as an emergency ordinance to Monday’s meeting agenda. Virginia does not require a governing body to hold a public hearing on an emergency ordinance at the time it comes up for consideration.

The town plans to make the text of the proposed ordinance available on Thursday, Clerk of Council Tina Presley said Tuesday.

On Monday, Valley Health — parent company of Warren Memorial Hospital in Front Royal — announced that it was requiring all employees and contractors to be vaccinated or face termination.

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I do not support this measure.

I believe in science. I believe the vaccine is working.

I believe in my personal freedom and liberty even more. It is not right to force people to have a vaccine. It is not who we are as Americans.

Ana Strong

First, such limited number of comments is disturbing. A freedom is precariously close to being taken away-the freedom to control one's own health decisions. How many of you readers have been told by a health professional to quit smoking, exercise, lose weight, etc only to do what you want, which was not follow their guidance and advice. Continue down this path and even those choices are in danger. This vaccine was rushed into production and distribution (fact) and should not be a deciding factor in the livelihood of hundreds in the community. Take a stand for freedom because if you think the overreach stops with health professionals, go refill your glass of Kool aid.




We certainly hope the Town Council will have better sense than to fall for this. We believe they will. The citizens need to speak out now!!!

Melissa G

This from the same guy who was just fine tracking young women's menstrual cycles. How he is in a position to push something through like this is just disturbing.


Check out the 88 lapel pin. That’s a fascist symbol. [censored]

Doc Samson

Make sure you ignore his explanation so that you can continue to proudly and virtuously lie: "My father was a police officer in the 88th Precinct in New York City. One day a few years ago he gave me the pin that he wore on his uniform.”

Heaven forbid he honor his father because some fringe group uses that number, too.


Doc Samson

Retraction? Mea culpa? Nah, the nice thing about being a fascistic Prog-Leftie is never having say "sorry"... just get to move along to the next "faux outrage topic"...

Jim McCarthy

Free to pass COVID virus to you and me, the employer and customers. What’s become of responsibility to oneself and others? Free to run red lights?

Doc Samson

Oh, Jimmy! Double up on your masks and vaccines or, better yet, stay home under your bed. Running red lights? Is there part of the article missing because I didn't see that!

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