WINCHESTER — The Frederick County Finance Committee on Wednesday unanimously recommended that the Board of Supervisors appropriate $2,635,000 to Winchester Regional Airport for improvements to its terminal and taxiway.

Because the county is the airport’s fiscal agent, the supervisors must appropriate the money so the airport can spend it. Of the airport’s $2,635,000 request, $2,084,842 will come from state and federal dollars. The remaining $550,158 will be funded by local governments. Frederick County will contribute $409,164 in fiscal 2020, while the City of Winchester will contribute $133,494, Shenandoah County $5,000 and Clarke County $2,500.

The bulk of the request is to replace the airport’s outdated terminal building at 491 Airport Road. A consultant told airport officials it would be more cost-effective to build a new terminal than renovate the existing one. In 2017, Price Studios showed conceptual designs for a 9,109-square-foot terminal. Plans call for the new facility to be closer to Airport Road, about 200 feet south of the current terminal.

The airport has budgeted $100,000 for site work design, $1.5 million for site work and $390,000 on the terminal design.

Building the new terminal will cost an estimated $6.1 million. It is scheduled for completion by fiscal year 2022, contingent on funding, according to the county’s Capital Improvement Plan.

The remainder of the request includes $309,000 ($6,180 in local dollars) for the design of a new airport taxiway and $211,000 ($4,220 in local funding) for a seal coat to be added to the existing taxiway.

The committee also recommended:

Appropriating $40,020.68 to replace a large Frederick County Sheriff’s Office tent that collapsed due to wind in snow. The tent shelter vehicles and search and rescue trucks. Sheriff Lenny Millholland said the appropriated money comes from insurance, not local dollars.

Appropriating $19,895 to the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s office to convert a part-time administrative investigator to full-time.

Appropriating $8,500 in proffer dollars to provide a four-seat swing set to the Rose Hill Park playground.

Appropriating $7,000 in proffer dollars to be used for a pickleball court at Frederick Heights Park.

Attending the meeting at the County Administration Building at 107 N. Kent St. were Finance Committee Chairwoman Judith McCann-Slaughter and committee members Charles DeHaven Jr., Gary Lofton, Jeffrey Boppe and Angela Rudolph.

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