STEPHENS CITY — A Frederick County man admitted to pointing a pistol at another driver after the driver gave him the middle finger on Warrior Drive on Monday, according to police.

Charles Aldwin Middlehof confessed to pointing a semi-automatic pistol at driver Nathan Hughes, according to a criminal complaint written by Deputy Anthony J. Kendra of the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office.

“Hughes advised he was in fear for his life when the firearm was pointed at him,” Kendra wrote. “Nathan also advised Charles was so reckless in driving that two other motorists pulled over.”

The incident began on Tasker Road and Va. 37, according to a Thursday email from Sheriff’s Office spokesman Lt. Keith Covert. Hughes said Middlehof cut him off, then both men drove to the Handy Mart parking lot on Warrior Drive

Hughes said he pointed his middle finger at Middlehof when he passed him in his vehicle. He said Middlehof followed him to the intersection of Warrior and Church Hill drives, where he pointed a gun at Hughes’s face.

Covert said a loaded Glock 9 mm pistol was seized by police from the driver’s side door pocket of Middlehof’s vehicle. He said Middlehof is a concealed carry pistol permit holder.

Middlehof, of the 100 block of Old Forest Circle, was charged with brandishing a weapon and reckless driving.

The 55-year-old Middlehof’s criminal record includes a conviction for carrying a concealed weapon in 2010, according to Frederick General District Court records. A brandishing charge was dismissed. Middlehof is scheduled to be arraigned in at 8:30 a.m. on Nov. 26.

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So the charges were dismissed last time, the questions remains now, is this the same Charles Middlehof who seems to have an extensive educated background in Psychology and will he be able to pursuade the courts to ignorant one more time. Hopefully it doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure out exactly who this person is, but there's always room for doubt. Second time offender and seems to be quite arrogant by his actions. Hopefully, he'll be held accountable.


Well, there goes that idiots' CCP! Pulling a pistol in a road rage incident is NEVER a good idea.


He had charges in 2010 for the same. I’m sure he’s going to be using a bow and arrows now.

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