BOYCE — Ruth Hayes has significantly reduced her work load, at least in terms of town business.

Hayes, elected by voters as Boyce Town Council’s recorder, also has been employed by the town as its part-time manager. She recently submitted her resignation as town manager to work full-time at a church in Berryville that she attends, according to Mayor Richard Kibler.

She had been working part-time at the church, too, and the minister asked her to start there working full-time, Kibler said.

Hayes could not be reached for comment on Monday.

The Clarke County town of about 600 residents currently has only two municipal positions: Town manager and code enforcement officer. Both are part-time.

“We don’t have a lot of business going on” to warrant having full-time employees, Kibler said.

Hayes will continue to serve as recorder, a seat similar to that of a vice mayor in many towns and cities, through the remainder of her term, which ends in December 2021.

Her managerial duties have involved her serving as the town’s treasurer. With her resignation, Kibler said, the council will separate those duties. That is preferred for localities under state code, he said.

Because of her resignation as town manager, Kibler said, the council plans to hire both a new part-time manager and a part-time treasurer. It aims to start advertising the positions soon.

Kibler said he would prefer that whoever is hired have experience in local government. Being they are part-time jobs, though, he acknowledged that finding people with such experience is unlikely.

The new employees will not be required to live in Boyce, he said.

Asked how soon he hopes to have the positions filled, Kibler replied, “Yesterday.”

He said May probably is a reasonable time frame, considering that the positions must be advertised, then the council must review applications and interview candidates.

But “with this (coronavirus) crisis going on, I don’t know” exactly how soon, or how fast, the process can proceed, he said.

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