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The FBI Central Records Complex at 200 Constitution Drive in Frederick County opened quietly in March.

WINCHESTER — Hiring continues at the $135 million, state-of-the-art FBI Central Records Complex, which quietly opened in Frederick County in March.

A statement from the FBI said the complex opened on schedule on March 9.

“Due to the steadfast efforts of FBI personnel and project partners, the [coronavirus] pandemic did not delay the opening and operations began shortly after occupancy,” the statement said. “Hiring has been ongoing, and interested applicants should continue to monitor fbijobs.gov for external vacancies.”

Located at 200 Constitution Drive off Millwood Pike (U.S. 50) east of Winchester, the roughly 250,000-square-foot complex centralizes FBI records from nearly 300 locations worldwide, according to the FBI. The facility has room to provide storage for 120 miles of paper records and work space for 446 employees. It also has the technology to digitize records on demand “to provide our stakeholders with a timely response to requests for information.”

The secure facility also includes an office support building, visitor screening facility, guard booths and surface parking lot.

Information on the GSA’s website says the complex’s record management building “houses an automated storage and retrieval system used to store and retrieve records quickly and efficiently, leveraging innovative technologies never before used in the federal government to allow the FBI to optimally perform their mission and lead the way forward in this technological leap. This system manages over 361,000 records storage bins with lids (specifically designed for this system) using an overhead grid framework, allowing robots to sort through the 100% dense storage to retrieve desired bins.”

The FBI did not say how many jobs at the complex have been filled as of this week.

Having a centralized records facility was an FBI priority for many years.

In June 2016, the GSA purchased a 59-acre site off Millwood Pike for the complex for $4.75 million from Leesburg-based Arcadia Land Inc. Later, Bethesda, Maryland-based Clark Construction Group LLC was awarded a contract to design and build the complex. Site work began in September 2017, and a groundbreaking ceremony was held the following month.

The complex isn’t the first FBI records facility in the Winchester area. In a news release following the groundbreaking, the FBI said it “has successfully operated a number of record management functions out of Winchester for years.”

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The article is somewhat misleading. I went onto the FBIJOBS site to see just what positions were available. For Winchester, I only found ONE position on offer, closing tomorrow July 9, and a prerequisite for the position was that the person had to be an existing, permanent FBI employee. WOW.


I applied 15 months ago *fingers crossed* 😂

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