BOYCE — Town resident Richard D. Kibler has announced his candidacy for mayor of Boyce in the Nov. 5 election.

Kibler, 61, has submitted all of his required paperwork and been certified as an official candidate whose name will appear on the ballot, according to Clarke County General Registrar Barbara Bosserman.

“I love the town,” he said. “I grew up here. I think that’s a good reason” to want to be mayor.

He declined to discuss his viewpoints on any local issues right now. He said he will present his platform later in the year, around the fall, when he starts campaigning.

Boyce is a town of only about 600 people.

“I’m still thinking” about what needs to be done to make the town better, Kibler said. “I want to talk to everyone around here to find out their ideas.”

Kibler, who never has held public office, is an independent voter. He is a graduate of Clarke County High School and has an accounting degree from Lord Fairfax Community College. He is retired from a business that he owned called “Make A Difference Non-Emergency Transport Service,” which served wheelchair users.

Currently, Kibler is co-chairman of the Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival “Apple Club” and is the person responsible for having blossoms painted on Winchester’s streets for the festival. He also is a volunteer for the Stewart Bell Jr. Archives Room at the Handley Regional Library, plus a member, volunteer photo taker and obituary poster for the website

Kibler, who is not married, was born in Winchester to Dallas Lester “Dick” Kibler and Eva Corrine Pope Kibler, both of whom are deceased.

For many years, Kibler lived in downtown Washington but moved to Winchester in 2003 to help take care of his mother, who was living there and on dialysis at the time. He moved back to his home place in Boyce in 2013. He was the executive director of the Town of Boyce Centennial Celebration that was held on Oct. 2, 2010.

He was a volunteer for the Miss America Pageant for more than 35 years. While living in Washington, he was CEO/president and executive director of the Miss District of Columbia Scholarship Organization Pageant, a state preliminary to the Miss America Pageant in Atlantic City, N.J., for many years. He is a past board member of the Miss Maryland Scholarship Pageant as well as the Miss Prince William and Miss Springfield pageants, which are local preliminaries for the Miss Virginia pageant.

Boyce’s current mayor, Franklin Roberts, has not yet filed for re-election, Bosserman said.

Anyone else interested in becoming Boyce’s mayor, or holding any other local office, has until 7 p.m. Tuesday to file their candidacy papers with the county elections office on the second floor of the Berryville-Clarke County Government Center on Chalmers Court. Information on what paperwork must be filed is available from the elections office and online at

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