Quadell Alik Grimes

WINCHESTER — Quadell Alik Grimes will be imprisoned up to 25 years for fatally shooting an unarmed Kevin Michael Riley in a restaurant parking lot on Oct. 28th of last year.

"I am sorry for everybody in this courtroom," Judge Brian M. Madden told family and friends of Grimes and Riley after sentencing Grimes in Winchester Circuit Court. "It is a tragic situation."

A jury recommended 30 years after convicting the 30-year-old Grimes on Aug. 11. Matthew Occhuizzo, deputy commonwealth's attorney, asked Madden to follow the jury's recommendation. He argued that if Grimes feared for his life, he could've driven away from the Five Guys/Okinawa restaurant parking lot. Instead, Grimes rolled down the window of his car and shot Riley in the heart when Riley approached his vehicle, ending a long-running feud between the two men.

Defense attorney William "Ben" Mann VI asked Madden to sentence Grimes within state sentencing guidelines which recommended between 13 years and 21 years and eight months. He noted that the meeting between the two men was coincidental, not an ambush.

Madden sentenced Grimes to 27 years with five suspended for second-degree murder. Grimes, a Hagerstown, Maryland resident and father of four, was also was convicted of use of a firearm in commission of a felony, which carries a three-year mandatory minimum.

Riley, a 29-year-old HVAC technician, was a loving son and brother who doted on his nieces, according to relatives. He was well known and liked around Winchester due to his offbeat sense of humor and generosity. A few hundred people attended a candlelight vigil for him shortly after his death and a memorial kickball tournament in July. Read Wednesday's Winchester Star for the full story.

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Well according to the activists in Berryville, a monument exists in Winchester that doesnt affirm so we gotta let this guy out, right. Cheers

Doc Samson

@KohenCause - C'mon, man! It was mostly peaceful disagreement!


No hope in dope. One man in the ground and he other in the box.

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