WINCHESTER — Calling all history detectives. The Kiwanis Club of Winchester needs your help.

As the civic organization prepares to celebrate its 100th anniversary next year, member Scott Straub is working to find photos of every person who served as the club’s president. All told, that’s 99 people dating back to June 23, 1922. (The 100th person is president-elect Lynnette Embree, who will take office at a Sept. 24 installation banquet.)

Straub’s initial work got a big boost from two of the club’s eldest members, both of whom also served one-year terms as president: Chuck Pine, 90, and Doug Butler, 96. Straub has also obtained photos from newspaper archives and people he connected with on social media.

But his efforts are far from complete. Many photos are still missing, and some of the pictures he has obtained are grainy and he’s hoping to find better images. Straub currently needs photos of:

Joseph Marion Orndoff (1926)

Dr. Jacob Asa Richard (1928)

Daniel Edgar Stultz (1930)

Virgil Rea Strader Sr. (1947)

Benjamin Franklin Arthur Jr. (1949)

Marvin Edward Gore Jr. (1953)

Harry William Butler Jr. (1958)

William Henry Louthan Jr. (1960)

Hubert Thornhill Stratton (1961)

Gerald Leroy Goodman Sr. (1962)

Billy Summers Chapman (1965)

Winton Carlisle Fisher (1967)

Joseph Boyd Lintz (1969)

Robert George Allan (1969-70)

Don Smallwood (1970-71)

David Russell Shetler (1973-74)

Robert William Pierce (1975-76)

Kenneth Dean Kisner (1977-78)

Fred A. Drunagel (1978-79)

Harold Don Anderson (1980-81)

Alan David Drayer (1981-82)

David M. Frazier (1983-84)

Ronald J. Brown (1986-87)

Robert L. Lebo (1990-91)

Once he has all the photos, Straub is going to bring them to life using graphics technology from The digital application uses algorithms to animate still images so the people in the photos blink, smile and look around.

“It’s cool and kind of creepy at the same time,” Straub said with a laugh.

During the photo-collection process, Straub discovered the club’s official documentation had misidentified or omitted some of the previous Kiwanis presidents, so he’s also working to set the record straight. For example, the club’s president in 1943 only served three months before being called away by World War II. His name, as well as the name of the person who completed his one-year term, have vanished from the records.

If all that wasn’t enough, Straub has embarked on a project to collect all former Kiwanis presidents’ signatures. So far, thanks to the club’s current members, public records, assistance from families and the genealogy website, he has created a board that displays all but four signatures. The ones still missing are for Joseph Luther Maphis (1922), Robert George Allan (1970), Robert William Pierce (1976) and Dennis Allen Shackelford (1977).

“If you have any artifacts, pictures or signatures, we’d love for you to contact us and help complete this project,” Straub said.

Anyone that can assist the Kiwanis Club of Winchester with a photo or signature should contact Straub at 731-227-2327 or

— Contact Brian Brehm at

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