I confess. I do not understand why people vote against their own self interests. Our delegate Chris Collins joined all of his Republican comrades in refusing to even talk about the proliferation of [gun] silencers. Why would any law abiding citizen need a silencer? Why would [state senator] Jill Vogel not want to have an open and honest discussion about large capacity magazines? What do hunters hunt with an AR 15 rifle besides humans? It seems to me that refusing to even talk about these issues places all of us in harm’s way. Are we really willing to wait until someone attacks [a local school] before we talk about this?

Please vote for Irina Khanin for 29th District House of Representatives and Ronnie Ross for the 27th Senatorial District so we can at least talk about this.

William Fuller


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I would be glad to talk about gun violence with any intelligent person. How about the topics of "what is the cause of gun violence?" and "who are the people who do this violence?" Are those ligament topics or are we just after guns? It seems that we have recognized that cars don't kill that many people - that the drivers are generally at fault. So how about talking about those firing the guns? Do you know that these angry people are mostly from the democrat leftist groups? That their anger feeds on the anger of the media? How about we discuss that and how we can tone down the enraged media? Gabby Giffords was shot by someone who thought she was not leftist enough. Likewise, well over 90% of all mass shootings are from someone who associates with liberal democrats. Should angry leftists be allowed to pass background checks? Think of all the lives we could save if we did this and toned down the media's rhetoric against conservatives. It is always good to get another point of view.

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