I attended the [City Council] meeting on Tuesday and heard the presentation and subsequent discussion on the closure of Boscawen Street between Indian Alley and Cameron Street. My first thought was: What about those businesses on Boscawen who would have their street access eliminated for deliveries? Not every business in the mall area is a restaurant. How will that affect the empty storefronts waiting on a business to rent? Many are too small for a restaurant and only suitable for other types of businesses. Parking and street access are already at a premium in the Loudoun Street Mall area.

I am a pedestrian. I walk all over town on a daily basis and I know full well how vehicular traffic ignores the ‘right of way of pedestrians’ — but if we shut down every intersection because of rude and ignorant drivers, all of Piccadilly Street would have to be shut down, as well as numerous other intersections in town.

The area is well marked. Drivers need to use more caution. Putting up the bollards to prevent vehicles on the mall is one thing. Closing down the entire street is an unwise and unnecessary expenditure and is not a reasonable or viable option.

Carolyn Frye


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I could not agree more; well said !!! There has to be a better way to protect pedestrians and promote and protect our community's business-base.

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