I find so much wrong with Del. Dave LaRock's commentary in the June 5 paper I don't know where to begin. I won't go into his statement that a previous article on LGBT protections in our schools as being agenda-driven, which it was not — it simply stated the facts.

I will instead discuss his bigoted attitude towards our LGBT community, particularly the young of that group. The so-called "Pro" LGBT agenda he speaks of is simply a group, long discriminated against, fighting for equal rights. By attaining those rights, it takes nothing away from his.

He and everyone else is free to follow their religion and morality. He says that by showing a favorable view of the "conduct" they violate the views of those who don't agree.

This is a fundamentally flawed argument. You, Mr. LaRock, do not have to participate. Are you implying that gay and lesbian young people should hide who they are and be ashamed, and be subjected to verbal or even physical abuse and discrimination? These American citizens who are your constituents?

Most egregious of your commentary is the atrocious statement that "kids who are drawn to LGBT behavior are more prone to self-harm," with absolutely no explanation of why that is, and that his very words and policies are among the things that lead to it.

I, for one, would never vote for someone like Mr. LaRock, who does not care for all our citizens. I will work hard to help elect Mavis Taintor in November, like I have never worked before.

Laurine Kennedy

Clarke County

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Mark Anderson

I'd be curious to see a compilation of all of LaRock's published editorials in the Star and see how many focused on LGBT issues and how many focused on anything else, namely limited government, deregulation, or any other true conservative value. Barry Goldwater warned us of the "pastors" taking over the republican party.


Science and psychology took a step backwards and disavowed their responsibility when the LGBT community got loud and vocal. It is no longer "correct" to ask important questions about that lifestyle. Is it healthy? No, you are open to many diseases that normal marriages do not see, though your diseases become a danger to the rest of the community, but we will ignore that because you yell and scream for "your rights." Is the LGBT a good life? No, your suicide rate is much higher. You blame it on not being accepted, but that simply isn't true and any honest study shows that. Of course you do everything possible to prevent and suppress such studies. So what is really good about the LGBT community? There is a lot of talent there. Troubled minds often produce soaring works of art. What is bad about the community? Their need for sex drives them to recruit and convert others to this sad way of life. We used to call that molestation, but now it is OK if it is LGBT sex. David LaRock and myself believe that we should treat all humans, humanely. You are the way you are due to what happened in the past. But we only ask that you not encourage others to follow such a through your actions or in-actions. Meanwhile, we need to understand what leads people to such a life style. Ellen DeGeneres does speak of being molested by her father. Our society needs to find ways of preventing such trauma and help people to a more positive and less destructive life style. We need to get back to scientific and psychological understanding, and not be afraid of the truth. We are not there yet, and this rant against by this editorial against LaRock and others who want good things for their children blocks understanding with political correctness.

Spock Here

"Loud and vocal" and wanting "their rights." Sparky once again shows us exactly why the LGBT community needs equal rights protections. He has come to the conclusion that TA DA being gay is a mental illness, all gay people need sex so badly they go out and recruit. They are molesters, pure and simple, no doubt traumatized at a young age. He also assumes promiscuity, which maybe was true before the Sparkys of this world were found to be …. lacking in intellect. He describes a lifestyle that could also be attributed to straight singles, and adulterers. He has no clue that gay marriage is a commitment to one person, just like any other marriage. Some work, some don't. Here's a clue Sparks, It is not "political correctness" to "treat others as you would want to be treated"...you know, the golden rule. Some would even say "humanely" and mean it. This uneducated diatribe from the 1950s was , as your promiscuous, adultering, racist, criminal hater in chief, would say "nasty." Best get back under your rock.


Do you actually know any LBGTQ people? "We used to call that molestation, but now it is OK if it is LGBT s$x." That makes no sense. S#x between consenting adults has never been called molestation. Ellen DeGeneres does not attribute her being a l3sbian to the molestation by her step-father. She spoke out to encourage adults to believe children who have been victimized. Ah Sparky, I bet you think all gay men want to "recruit" you.

Spock Here

Mr Larockhead is just a mite bit too obsessed with other peoples' personal stuff....


Thank you Ms. Kennedy, you are absolutely right.

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