What is going on with the Winchester Police Department lack of enforcement of motorists not obeying the speed limits and the red lights/stop signs within the City of Winchester?

Don’t understand what I am talking about? Just go the speed limit and watch the nice hand gestures that you will get from most drivers behind you. Also, go to any intersection and observe for approximately 10-15 minutes on how many drivers do not stop for the stop signs or run though red lights.

When is the last time you have seen WPD running radar around the city?

Is it true that our City Manager has made it known to our police chief that these type of violations are not sexy enough to be in court and does not want the city to be known as a speed trap? Is it true that the City Manager introduced the new police chief and made the comment that he’ll be taking direction from her?

Who is running the WPD, the police chief or the city manager? What credentials does the city manager have in regards to law enforcement?

The perception within the City of Winchester [is] that motorists are being more aggressive than ever, do you agree?

Makes one wonder, what is the WPD or City Manager going to do about it?

Jeff Milburn


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I've lived in Winchester for over 20 years. The traffic is no worse than anywhere else. You will find inconsiderate or irresponsible drivers everywhere. We do not need to divert more law enforcement resources to traffic control. It is just not that much of a problem or that high a priority.


I agree. Drivers blatantly running red lights and speeding has noticeably increased within the past year or so. I would like to see more policing of driving infractions.

Mark Anderson

Another busy-body who wants the police to punish more people. Traffic in Winchester is fine, if not a little slow and congested from time to time. There is no widespread safety issues with the current traffic situation. And nobody is giving you hand gestures for driving the speed limit, that comment alone gives you away for what kind of driver you are.

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