I read with disappointment the front-page article of the July 10 Winchester Star stating that my two local representatives voted to end the special session with no action. Gov. Northam had called the special session in response to the Virginia Beach shooting on May 31 that left 12 people dead. The intent of the special session was to discuss legislation designed to address a variety of issues related to gun violence prevention.

I went to Richmond to witness this historic special session. My round trip travel time was 5 hours. Our local legislators voted to abruptly end the session after 90 minutes! Needless to say, nothing was discussed. In case you are upset by this “representation” by our local Virginia Senator (Jill Vogel) and House of Delegates rep (Chris Collins), feel free to do what I did. Call them and voice your concerns. Their action (or more correctly, inaction) shows disregard to the 1,000 Virginians who lose their life each year to gun violence.

Sen. Vogel:

Winchester district office, 540-662-4551

Richmond office, 804-698-7527

Del. Collins:

Winchester district office 540-539-1724

Richmond office 804-698-1029

Gail Hermosilla

Cross Junction

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Here we go again... Universal background checks.. first step towards confiscation. Background checks are already done if you purchase firearm lehally.legally Bump stocks. Already banned Magazine capacity. A trained person with a 10 round mag can change mags and get off 20 rounds before an untrained person can get off 20 rounds in high capacity magazine. Silencer. They are called suppressors. They do not silence a firearm, are difficult to obtain and expensive to obtain and keep due to fees to own. If you watch crime a silencer aka suppressor can be made with everyday household items Mass shootings. Tragic. They all happened in soft target areas aka gun free zones. Red flag.... whos interpretation are we as a nation going to use Criminals are going to get firearms whether they are illegal or not. Sad they will pay less than your legal purchase. There are already laws on the books. Why not enforce those before adding new ones. Funny how the legislators that want to disarm me have armed security. I too prefer to protect myself.


I totally agree we are refusing to consider the facts with gun deaths. But the facts we are ignoring is not if they used a silencer, or if they had too many guns. The most disturbing fact is that most shooters of innocent people are from liberal democrats. It is these people who should be banned from owning guns because they are motivated by hatred of their fellow men. You take any mass shooter and look at their background and you will find a leftist history 95% of the time. Add to that the media's constant hate speech against anything conservative, moral, or historical and you begin to see what motivates the anger of these shooters. Historically, the governments of the world want to disarm their citizens. The Jews of German were so disarmed before being shipped off to labor camps. Is the author of this letter advocating for this kind of future? Should leftists be disarmed because they are the vast majority of shooters? These are the questions we should be debating.

Spock Here

Sparky, do you intend to keep repeating that most shooters are liberal democrats without any basis at all, or are you going to provide a source? And while I have to agree that the media is not our friend, look in the dictionary under hate speech and see the pictures of Hannity and Ingrahm right next to the definition. Your idea of "moral" is quite sad and hypocritical.


Where is your evidence, Doofus?


C Birton, read comments from last post. Posting again will not change anyone opinion

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