Dear Sen. Jill Vogel,

According to the June 4 front-page article in The Winchester Star, you have not modified your stance on gun violence prevention legislation, even in the wake of the recent massacre of 12 people in Virginia Beach. Could you please answer the following questions:

1. What situation requires a non-military person to need a large-capacity magazine with more than 10 rounds?

2. In what legitimate scenario does a person need to purchase more than one handgun in a 30-day period?

3. When does a person need to use a silencer, when virtually all law enforcement professionals oppose them?

4. Why are law-abiding gun-owners so afraid of a universal background check, which has been proven to make gun purchases more difficult for criminals?

If you could please answer these questions, then maybe your constituents would have more empathy towards your continuing opposition to “common sense” gun legislation as suggested above.

Gail Hermosilla

Cross Junction

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No, they are not good questions. They are uneducated drivel from the left's propaganda machine. The purpose of an armed militia per the Constitution and the writers of the Constitution is to defend the citizens from an over-reaching government. Ten rounds would never be enough. 2. Buying more than one gun at a time is none of your business. Your liberal Democrat shooter bought his guns more than a year apart. 3. Silencers are already outlawed, so you don't really know much about gun laws. 4. Any public purchase already goes though background checks. What doesn't go through such checks is when my mother gave me my father's rifle when he passed. The law we really need is to prevent liberals from buying guns. Their ignorance and anger are clear signs of mental derangement which is why almost all such deranged shooters associate with the Liberal Democrat party.


You really have anger issues there, Sparky. What is your evidence of deranged shooters are associated with the Liberal Democrat party?


1. Why limit magazine capacity. I dont get it. If you are trained properly , one can change lesser capacity mags quicker than a newbie with 50 rounds. 2. If I can afford to buy more than one firearm at a time I should be able to. Criminals buy more than one at a time on the street corner cheaper than me. 3. Silencers are illegal. What you can now buy are suppressors. Expensive and must go through ATF and background check and pay hefty fee. 4. I as a Legal firearm owner go through a background check with every purchase. Again what is not is the firearm mommy gave me when daddy died. The laws already on the books need to be enforced before you liberals want to change them


Good questions. Waiting for some good answers. ..... Still waiting.

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