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With the amount of not-so-subtle hate speech and harassment, not to mention homophobic and transphobic comments, it’s no wonder the paper is deleting comments and accounts. Too many of you are too bold using the shield of anonymity to project hateful and (in some cases) threatening messages, completely absolved from consequence.

I think the editors need to take a long hard look at how the comments are moderated (they aren’t) and consider more transparency on their part as well as on the parts of the posters. If people want to post, they should use their real names. Anything less is simply facilitating hateful and ignorant comments.

Bryan Nuri

Stephens City

Bryan Nuri

Stephens City

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Brian is a little kid who enjoys how much trouble he can cause. He has multiple aliases and is pretty well rejected even by the Democrats as a non-serious troublemaker. We all wish he would grow up.

Mr Incredible

Gee look, nuri took his profile down. One of his other personalities must have said something to his other personality about his comments.

Doc Samson

@Mr Incredible - Again, as always, true to form, 99.9% of the time the Left is guilty of that which they accuse of others...


The “Left” of what? You use that word a lot but have no explanation for what it is. Again, blank accusations about Democrats who are pretty boring and mostly moderates. I can never figure why Republicans are so against helping the American people because: What? It costs money? You didn’t mind money when you voted huge tax breaks for the wealthy.


Coming from the guy who constantly puts people down if they do not agree with him. In his eyes he is never wrong.

Mr Incredible

Is the Star aware this guy has seven or eight facebook profiles? Why would you even publish a letter on this subject from someone that has multiple accounts on various mediums? Do a little research. You can look on facebook under the name he used here, Steve Jenkins, Nuri Bryan, Lin Wood. There are a bunch of others.

Good try, but futile. A for effort. At least you tried!

Oh, and your name is?

Doc Samson

Well, we know it isn't WoohooChevalier, don't we, Mr. Only I Can Post Anonymously? [lol]

I do go to UVa, I am not the Wahoo guy.

Mr Incredible

Dude, you truly need to seek help. It's too bad the state institutions have been, for the most part shuttered, because 40 years ago you could have gotten the help you so desperately need, Mr Linwood. Or should I call you Mr Bryan? Or Winston? How many other facebook profiles do you have? How many woman have you stalked, sent unwanted PM's to or otherwise made unwanted advances to under one of your numerous profiles? How truly detached from reality do you have to be to actually write a letter like this when YOU nearly invented the art of multiple anonymous profiles? SEEK HELP.

Can we ask you the same? Why practice bravery behind the wall of anonymity? Does it make leveling meaningless accusations easier when you hold no culpability for your false statements?

Mr Incredible

I make no "accusations". I merely state fact. You have multiple facebook accounts. You use those different accounts to remain on facebook and certain pages even after you have been banned from a page using one account. You have harassed people and stalked women using those accounts to the point where they have blocked you. You have doxxed people and thrown their personal information out to the public, I assume to intimidate people or infer you might show up at their residence or place of work, or their kids locations. As I said, you appear to suffer from dissociative identity disorder (DID), or what was formerly called multiple personality disorder. This letter demonstrates that aptly. Here one of your personalities presents a point cogently, yet on facebook your other personalities harass, intimidate and threaten people. Seek help and stay on whatever medications you are already prescribed. I'm certain everyone who has to suffer from your presence would be grateful

And you are?

Doc Samson

"Can we ask you the same? Why practice bravery behind the wall of anonymity?"

Answer your own questions, King o' Hypocrisy...


People who write letters to the editor are required to use their real names. I would concur with Mr. Nuri that those that respond also should meet the same requirement and use their real names. I raised this issue a few years ago and was told that the editors were concerned that less people would comment. If fewer people comment because they do not want to use their real names, so be it.


All Letters to the Editor or the Opinion Forum are almost always opinions and personal feelings. To be honest, I haven’t read anything that is totally off the track. In the discussion emails, there is often accusations without proof or even an example. One of these is “all Democrats are radical, leftist, Marxists” and have yet to see even one example of this outrageous accusation. Another example is when I suggest to pro life, pro birth, stop murdering babies conservatives that they in turn stop voting Republican which does Not have a platform that is pro life or supports social programs to help the poor and underserved and they wish to destroy the Affordable Care Act which could help poor women avoid pregnancies and abortion, not one has picked up that gauntlet and run with it, explained it, or defended it.


Bryan The Nuri, you should set the example because, in my view, you are one of the biggest violators in the Star discussion forum. So, don't do the usual and come back at me like a crazed hornet, but stop offending with your posts if you truly believe what you wrote. In other words, lead by example.

Doc Samson

@GreatScott - [thumbup] Keep in mind that, as a Prog-Leftie, the rules don't apply. Notice the comments from those who are often equally juvenile in their responses. Not that we should expect anything different... [rolleyes]



@greatscott...you are someone that stands out to me because you told an elderly Republican veteran who wrote in to say that Donald Trump was a scourge on the GOP that his service didn't matter and and he was a loser that you didn't respect or care about. A veteran of the US forces who was also a Republican who just didn't carry Trumps water. So please save your "be best" Melania Trump piousness for others who don't remember what you've said yourself in the past.

Good that you think so. Now, let's see your real name so we can cast the same personal judgements that you do.


I support Mr. Nuri's commentary that many of the Winchester Star opinion articles and, especially, the follow-on commentaries, reflect hostility toward someone or something. The follow-on commentaries are more reflective of a "WWE Smackdown" and "worthless" as it characterizes the "opposition" as worthless and frequently does not expand on the issue(s). The purpose of the different tiers within commentary (author, respondents) is to communicate and rationalize the issue(s) from different perspectives - for the benefit of the readers to better understand and possibly learn facts about a specific issue. Unfortunately, an opinion does not infer facts. However, the commentator/respondent has little credibility if there are no foundation of fact. I suggest the Winchester Star encourage civil discourse - "the language of dispassionate objectivity" within their opinion column. The Winchester Star should insist on opinions and not expressions of attitudes - orientations toward people, groups, or institutions - and absolutely not expressions/messages of hate. Commentator/respondents: the readers do not need ignorance, nor partisan or ideological viewpoints. Do your homework, use facts, cite references, establish credibility - not BS.


Amen. It feels disingenuous to be told to behave by the very people who are printing the outrageous opinions that are false and ignorant and require a strong rebuttal. But be nice. And don't lie. I'm assuming the moderators were not asleep for the entire Trump Presidency???


Well, Mr. Nuri, I believe all of us who post here have pretty tough skin. Yes, even I’m surprised at the amount of racial bigotry that is expressed. The words of the individual spewing out of an email is bound to be reflected in their real lives. Racist and bigots do not stay hidden.

Unfortunately, feelings on politics and the direction of this country are running high. I’m not at all sure how to lower the temperature. If Biden gets us through the pandemic, revives an economy that has growth and new jobs, Republicans will never be happy although their constituents will certainly prosper from these programs. I think politicians should be working for the common good. How did I become so disillusioned?





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