The best thing that happened in Winchester since 1744 are the blinky yellow arrow lights allowing us to take left turns when able.

Michael Kotelnicki

Frederick County

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Maybe in Winchester, but those are horrible ideas in Frederick County. For example, at the intersection of Front Royal Pike and Papermill Road, multiple accidents caused VDOT to make a green left arrow only turn. That worked great. Then they stupidly converted it to the flashing left arrow. Accidents are back and it is dangerous once again. VDOT need to be defunded since they no longer work for the taxpayers.


If someone turns left using the yellow light and causes a wreck, it's not an accident. If you do something stupid, it's not an accident. The left turn on yellow works the same as right turn on red after stop.


There should be a left turn green arrow or a red light. Safety should always rule.

Bernie Mac

You should stay home.

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