Thank you to Pastor Brad Hill and The Winchester Star for sharing such a poignant story in Saturday's paper. It is important that everyone understand the constant challenge people with substance use disorder face. As the story told so well, SUD is a condition of the brain that when treated and monitored, not unlike diabetes and cancer, allows a person to reach their potential and, thereby, give so much to others. A recovering addict often brings to their families, their jobs and their community a humbling understanding of other people's difficulties. As the article so clearly stated, addiction is a lonely, debilitating and life-threatening disease triggered by the brain and the environment. It requires understanding, strong support and, very often, tough love from all who care about the person suffering from the disorder — and we should all care. Thank you, Pastor Brad, for sharing your story of recovery. You bring much-needed understanding to the plight of so many living with SUD.

Karen Clay


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Look up Substance Abuse Disorder. It's candy coating what Drug Abusers really are, and that is that they are actively CHOOSING to use drugs, then they get addicted to them. So, it's still a PERSONAL CHOICE to use drugs. That's how it starts. The drugs that they make a personal choice to use mess up their brains and their body chemistry, thus causing the addiction. I'm glad that Pastor Hill CHOSE to quit doing drugs, just like he CHOSE to do drugs. It all starts with a personal choice to use or not use. Period.


For someone who plays as a junior psychologist, you're pretty hard set against healthcare provisions...


Well I beg to differ. Ask the accident victim who never took drugs that weren’t prescribed to her. Obsessive compulsive disorder runs in her family. Her grand father was a drunk. She never knew him because he died when her mother was very young. Most probably due to alcohol abuse. So said victim hit by a drunk driver is unconscious and has serious, but not life threatening injuries. Now the doctors can’t ask her about her background so they prescribe some serious painkillers. She goes home with same. Before long she realizes she needs the meds to function. NOW meds become drugs. You see the line is fine yet distinct. Once you use meds for purposes other than the intended or prescribed that become drugs. So now what. She starts faking pain to get more pain killers. She has a friend who’s relative had surgery. She asks if there are any leftover meds. Her friend gives her the drugs. This goes on undetected for years. Nobody WANTS to know. Finally there is the bottom. It involves police, court, jail time, and finally treatment. The point is she didn’t CHOOSE to take the pain killers. They were legally and properly prescribed. She took them as prescribed not knowing that family traits predisposes her to liking it too much. So Conservative, you better keep your back side planted firmly in the saddle on your high horse because the older you get the harder it is to recover from a fall. With or without properly prescribed meds taking you somewhere you never expected to be. Your Achilles heel may not be drugs, but you have one. Hope whoever knows it is more merciful on you than you are on drug addicts no matter how they ended up there.


Thanks Ms. Clay! Yes, we are all human.


So are gay people, who Hill blames for his releapse

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