We must use ‘every tool in the box’ against pandemic, climate change

I enjoyed Nick Snow’s essay “Pandemic is a preview of global warming’s zenith.” To his assertion of many parallels between the pandemic and the looming threat of climate change, I can only agree. Many of us asked back in February, “What’s the worst that could happen?”— and sadly we are finding out now.

I will add a few thoughts. Our survival in the face of both these threats depends on our ability to drop partisan bitterness and work from a place of solidarity. Our respect for science must also be matched by our commitment to economic fairness. Citizens cannot be asked to surrender their jobs permanently to fight the pandemic, and citizens must be compensated in the fight against climate change if the transition to renewable energy unemploys them from fossil fuels. We must use every tool in the box for both crises. We must slow the spread of COVID until we have a vaccine, and we must put a price on pollution and refund the money to prevent climate change from growing so big that our grandchildren cannot survive it.

Chris Wiegard Chester

Chris Wiegard


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Shouldn't all these climate change comments and letters be addressed to China, India, and developing countries? Unless the reporting is flawed, the US is reducing our carbon footprint voluntarily, sans Paris Accord. So if US becomes carbon neutral, without the other countries playing along, how high will the oceans rise, or glaciers melt, or earth warm?


All true. This is a global problem, and why Paris was a global agreement. There are options. As the largest economy in the world we can lead to a better world, if we choose. For example, if we put a carbon tariff on imported goods, that would encourage American businesses, and create incentives for other countries to reduce their carbon usage.

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Pandemic is a "hoax", just like climate change, haven't you heard?

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