On August 19, 2016, then-candidate Donald Trump said "vote for me, what do you have to lose." By August 9, 2020, 16.3 million have lost their jobs, over 5 million sick, and 160,000+ Americans have died. So the answer is your job, your health, and your life.

Victor Crim

Clear Brook

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Admiral Emluk of Borbistan

Donald John Trump will lose his next election "bigly", as he might say. It will be interesting to see how many "evangelical Christians" vote for such an utterly unChristian piece of work as is Trump and then go on to justify it somehow.

Bernie Mac

Someone should probably go check on Spock. He is in Stage 4 of Trump Derangement Syndrome meltdown.

Doc Samson

Anyone able to support Biden with a straight face after 3 1/2 years of Trump probably needs a lot of "down time" to... well, I don't know... maybe sniff some young gal's hair or something... you know, to keep the spirits up! [ohmy]


@Spock here - Cult? The only cult I see is the mindless people following radical socialist antifa Marxist leaders....you need to relax! Go find a statue and have a "Peaceful Protest"

Spock Here

"Radical socialist antifa marxist leaders..." Go put your white hood on......and repeat after your cult leader:

"I believe that if Biden is elected, there will be “no religion, no anything,” and he would confiscate all guns, “immediately and without notice.” He would “abolish” “our great,” “beautiful suburbs,” not to mention “the American way of life.” There would be “no windows, no nothing” in buildings.

I believe the news media would have “no ratings” and “will go down along with our great USA!” if the president loses — and that this would be bad even though the media is fake. I believe it’s normal for the president to say “Yo Semites” and “Yo Seminites,” “Thigh Land,” “Minne-a-napolis,” “toe-tally-taria-tism,” “Thomas Jeffers” and “Ulyss-eus S. Grant.” I believe it’s Biden who’s cognitively impaired."

Spock Here

"I believe the president has been treated worse than Lincoln, even though Lincoln was assassinated. I believe the president should be added to Mount Rushmore, pronto."

"I believe it’s normal that the president wished his friend Ghislaine Maxwell “well” and good luck,” even though his administration charged her with sex trafficking teenage girls for another presidential friend, Jeffrey Epstein, whom the president says may have been killed in federal custody."

Spock Here

"I believe that “when the looting starts, the shooting starts,” and that the president was just stating a fact, not making a threat, when he said that. I believe it was fine for federal law enforcement to fire tear gas and rubber pellet grenades at protesters so that the president could pose with a Bible in front of a church.

I believe that a 75-year-old protester in Buffalo may have been “an ANTIFA provocateur” who intentionally cracked his own skull in a “set up.”

Spock Here

"I believe the “books” and “manuals,” if someone would just read them, say “you can test too much” for covid-19. I believe we now have 5 million cases because we test so much, and that the president was right to slow testing down, unless he was kidding — in which case he was right not to.

I believe that the president has done a tremendous job fighting the virus — and that he shouldn’t “take responsibility at all”— even though about 160,000 Americans have died. I believe the virus “is what it is.”

Spock Here

Gotta love George Conway, his opinion piece today says it all about the cult;

"I believed the president in January and February when he said covid-19 was “totally under control,” that it was Democrats’ “new hoax,” and that he was “not at all” worried about a pandemic. I believed him in March when he said he “felt it was a pandemic long before it was called a pandemic.”

"I believe the president and the doctor who believes in demon sperm and the medical use of space alien DNA, and not Anthony S. Fauci, who’s an “alarmist” and “wrong.”

Spock Here

How about that hissing tongue-protrusion from last weekend's presser when he ran away from the mean woman reporter. Drugs or dementia?? Meanwhile, there are other things out there that are noteworthy

Covid disaster he ignored as it unfolded, Manhattan DA case, Maxwell/Epstein case,, Senate IC Counterintelligence Report, Russian bounties on US troops, DNA order

His enablers should be ashamed

Doc Samson

Might help if "scientists" weren't politically or financially motivated to push certain treatments over others. Of course, I'm sure that falls into your "conspiracy theory" pile, unlike all those factual things you just listed... [rolleyes]

Just fyi for anyone who is actually interested in reality, it's not just here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6_4FvBAwseQ

Bernie Mac

Apparently, Victor Crim has been living in a cave the last six months. Someone should tell him about the Chinese coronavirus and the Democrats efforts to exploit it that have devastated the economy. But, as a Democrat, he will probably ignore it. As like most Democrats.

Whistle Dixie

Full context here -- In August 2016, Donald Trump said to the black community, “What do you have to lose by trying something new, like Trump? You’re living in your poverty, your schools are no good, you have no jobs, 58% of your youth is unemployed, what the he!! do you have to lose?”

And President Trump continues to make inroads with black voters. Now President Trump holds a 36% Approval Rating with Black Voters according to the Rasmussen Monthly Approval Rating. To date, this Rasmussen tracking has been very accurate.


National Likely Voter (LV) Job Approval of @POTUS - 47%

Men LV App - 49%

Women LV App - 44%

GOP LV App - 79%

Dem LV App - 23%

Ind LV App - 41%

White LV App - 48%

Black Total LV App - 36%

Other Non-White Total LV App - 51%

Meanwhile, old demented Joey Biden continues to drop racist insults against prominent blacks -- Biden's not only lost his mind, he's lost the black vote, and any chance he ever had to win this election.

Doc Samson

@Whistle - I hope you are right but the power of the low info voter is strong...

Whistle Dixie

Doc --

Biden's only chance is through voter fraud, and the cases of known voter fraud, and attempted voter fraud, are alarming.

Spock Here

Like in the many states that have used mail in voting for years, both republican and democratic victors? Like the military? Please. You are playing your fiddle to ignorants just like your master.


If NASA scientists used extrapolation like that, man would never have set foot on the moon in your lifetime. President Trump didn’t make the virus.


He did not make it, but his response to it has been miserable and we are suffering more because if him. Vote for Biden and science in 84 days.


Translation: any Democrat, even a senile person like Biden, could have done a better job handling a virus that the world has never seen than President Trump.

Anyone can be a retrospective expert, even you, Slowe.

Spock Here

"I believe the president “aced” a “very hard” impairment test, and that his “very surprised” doctors found this “unbelievable.” I believe it was “amazing” he remembered five words, such as “person, woman, man, camera, TV” — in correct order. I believe he took the SAT himself.

I believe the president has “a natural ability,” like his “great, super-genius uncle” from MIT, which is why he understands “that whole world” of virology and epidemiology."


I look forward to the debates between Biden and Trump. And Trump being in office four more years.

Doc Samson

@Con - The Left is already making excuses as to why there should be no debates. Sounds familiar (climate, mail fraud, 37 flavors of gender, etc.) because nothing says "SCIENCE" and "diversity" and "inclusiveness" like saying it's settled... [lol]


@Doc - SCIENCE says and proves there is an X chromosome and a Y chromosome that determines 1 of 2 genders. Just because the people who are screwed up in the head want to claim gender fluidity or homosexual attraction isn't a lifestyle choice, doesn't mean they are correct according to SCIENCE, or NATURE.

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