A case of hypocrisy?

In The Star 2/24 issue, columnist Froma Harrop criticizes the Trump administration in the first sentence of the fourth paragraph, but fails to acknowledge his brilliance for “Warp Speed” in the last sentence of the paragraph. Hypocrisy? You decide.

Paul Massanopoli Heathsville

Paul Massanopoli


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john brown

if you really believe tRump has anything to do with the development and production of the Covid vaccine, you probably believe in Qanon as well ... the only thing tRump creates is chaos ... tRump is without a doubt, the dumbest, most incompetent person to ever occupy the presidency .. tRump is not only unintelligent, he is not even curious


So far good news people. Here it is almost 3:00 and the mouth breathing knuckle walkers appear to be brave only on the internet. Our Capital is still safe, Joe is still President, and Trump is.....who really cares.

john brown

tRump is probably sexually assaulting some poor soul in florida.


Believe me, there is no way we believe Trump and his incompetent workers could have successfully planned vaccinations for the United States. Whatever you think of Biden, at least, he has smart people working for him and this program will work.

As for Warp Speed, the vaccines did come out under Trump’s watch. Ok, we can give him a little credit. I just wish he hadn’t used “Warp Speed” because I’m a die hard Star Trek fan and his name association sullies the world of Star Trek.


We did decide Paul, which is why Joe lives at 1600 Pennsylvania ave now.

john brown

Stop this "warp speed" propaganda. tRump and all of his toadies were the most incompetent administration in my lifetime. Remember, he called Covid a hoax knowing the deadly nature of the virus. No telling how screwed up this vaccine roll out would have been under the dictator tRump but we all know it would be corrupt and racist.


Our issue Mr. Great, is not feeling smarter. Our issue is the frustration of talking to a group of people who live outside of reality. It doesn’t matter if one is Republican or Democrat, conservative or liberal. What matters is having our feet on the solid ground of real life.

What is not real life? QAnon, lies and conspiracies of stolen elections, believing the insurrection on January 6 was Not Trump followers. If this is your fantasy world there can be no intelligent discussion because we won’t be exiting on the same plane of reality. If you live in the world of Trump’s lies and conspiracies you are part of a cult, you’ve been brainwashed, and will need an intervention to get you out.




Notice that the progressives geniuses always weigh in and think they are smarter than the rest of us ? One is a former doctor. Thankfully, former. I wouldn't let him doctor my little toe. Why? Because his views are radical. His judgment is flawed.

Spock Here

Overall, medical doctors are certainly intelligent where science is concerned, and probably smarter than many of us in that sense. Is your concern he will make your toe into a socialist toe? That he will use unproven scientic methods and mess up your toe? Or that he might actually fix the toe, proving that he is competent and making you look like the idiot you tend to display here? You have made a few statements that illustrate that no one has to "think" they are smarter than you, such as bemoaning the fact that there has been no SOU address....which their is typically not in an inaugural year. Watch out for your toes!!

Spock Here

"there is typically not." it's catching.


Well, now, hold on just a dog-gone minute. While the "Warp Speed" program did earn some praise from right leaning tabloids such as the rabidly capitalistic Wall Street Journal, like most Trump programs it certainly was not without criticism. Funding for the program came from monies cut from other projects, and Rick Bright, the highly qualified programs director at the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Agency left in protest over Trumps' endorsement of unqualified therapies such as hydroxychloroquine. Biden team members who were snubbed for any advance planning (just like national security and other vital programs) eventually arrived to review the pandemic plans, only to find that there essentially weren't any. Most importantly, Biden immediately invoked the Defense Production Act to give agencies top priority for pandemic materials, an obvious move which Trump shunned apparently as it might give minor inconvenience to some of his business buddies.

Far from characterizing the Warp Speed program as "brilliant" I agree with Froma Harrop that it was just another clusterTrump of the now defeated, expelled and disgraced Republican administration. Hypocrisy? Not at all--I've decided!


Trump wasn’t brilliant. Nevertheless, Warp Speed did get 2 of the 3 vaccines to market. Pfizer was not part of Warp Speed but was the first to be on the market.

Trump was an irresponsible incompetent dolt. His “Covid” rallies were super spreaders where researchers tracked higher cases and deaths in the areas they happened. The sad part is that many people who died never attended the rallies. Trump fans brought the disease home and killed their parents and grandparents.

Trump’s behavior concerning distancing and masks was appalling. He led with a childish ego and not with a brain. His poorly trained and incompetent staff simple enabled him.

We have over a half million people dead and Trump has blood on his hands. Nope, there was no brilliance.


Talk about a conspiracy theory!!! Sheesh, what a bunch of rambling nonsense.


Wow, exactly, some have to comment 6 times, they're so in love with their self. Lol


They've drunk the Kool-Aid, that's for sure. "Trump Bad, Biden Good, all hail our dear leader Biden." Biden is a sniveling idiot who never worked a day in his life.


Nope, these are facts not conspiracies.


And Trump, being the sniveling coward that he is, secretly took his Covid vaccine in January. Golly, he could have been the one to set a positive example for his brainless followers to get the vaccine. Trump could have been a hero but was too dumb to take advantage of showing real leadership.

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