The intent of the petition declaring Frederick County a gun sanctuary, is, according to the Dec. 7 Star editorial, to "'send a message' that Americans' gun rights are not to be trifled with." The question is, is that, in fact, the message being sent?

Democrats have waited a long time for the opportunity to enact some common sense gun safety regulations. Their proposed new laws are apparently well-regarded and endorsed by most Virginians, given how they voted in November. Background checks on all gun sales; banning high-voltage weapons, bump stocks, and silencers; allowing one gun purchase per month; requiring that lost or stolen firearms be reported within 24 hours; prohibiting anyone subject to protective orders from owning firearms; and allowing localities to enact gun laws stricter than state law: none of these proposals seem too outrageous to most of us, including many gun owners. We can expect, and demand, that all the proposals be carefully crafted and constitutional, and if, once we see what comes out of Richmond, gun owners feel that their rights under the 2nd Amendment are infringed, our system allows them to take their case to court.

The real message, then, seems to be that guns are more important than the interests and wishes of the majority of voters; more important than the rule of law, so treasured and insisted upon by our founders; more important than our union and our nation.

That is a frightening message indeed.

Kathryn Uphaus

Frederick County

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Thanks Kathryn. It's always about belittling with the usual suspects on here. I read the BoS resolution and am not impressed. We have a gun and don't support the NRA and do support Moms Demand Action.


And it’s all about condescension with you, Miss Cleo. If you have a gun, it is because people have protected your right to do so. You might try thanking them instead of vilifying them.


Tesd my last post tjis is getting old. What are high voltage firearms. Not silencers. They are called suppressors.


I’ve noticed that those who most oppose gun ownership know the least about guns. Hence the sometimes laughable attempts to actually define what an “assault weapon” is.


The author obviously knows nothing about firearms, ie: “high voltage weapons”. This sounds like talking points from Moms Demand Action, who cunningly use phrases like “common sense gun laws” and “gun violence epidemic” to convince the uneducated public that the solution to preventing mass shootings is to take away guns from law abiding citizens. Less than 2% of homicides involve “assault weapons” and yet they propose to ban the most popular rifle in America. This is the opposite of common sense. Most of Virginia understands their plan and are waking up to the fact that the minority urban counties are determined to force their will on the rest of the state and they are having none of it. The elites always get frightened when the common folk speak up against tyranny. Just ask King George IIII.


Where's the part about the red flag laws, being proposed? This is a mojor concern of mine just like limiting magazine sizes and what do you call an assalt weapon? The laws we have are enough because I plan on self defense, don't care what the law says and if they want my guns they are going to dodge bullets to get them.


Kathryn Uphaus knows so little about the world, but she is frightened. 1) Background checks are required for purchasing. But not for gifting, or loaning. Self defense and community defense were the reasons for this in 1686 and 1787. Guns prevent violence by the strong against the weak. Little old grandmothers can and do kill home invaders. Squeamish people who don't want to shoot others use those high voltage weapons as do police. Band those and we will need to use more guns. Banning people under a protective order is like asking a criminal to not commit a crime. The problem is not the gun. It is the violence. They took all the guns away in Australia. Home invasions are way up, especially with older people who cannot defend themselves otherwise. The word infringe comes from the word "fringe" referring to the edge of a thing. These laws nibble around the fringe of our Constitution and attempt to remove our right to defend our lives. A dictatorship depends on the citizens not being able to defend themselves, and that is the direction you are recommending. Don't you think you have drunk enough koolaid with your leftist friends?


Spock Here

Yeh but Sparky doesn't care if he uses "facts." Kind of like our mob boss in chief, if he says it, it must be true.


Mob boss? lol! And you support Biden and Hillary? Doesn't that description apply to them?


Locals do not make these kind of laws. The same Frederick County Board of Supervisors cited the Dillion rule as a reason not to enact discrimination laws that would protect county government workers who are gay. Yet they are willing to subvert the Dillon Rule for this toothless resolution. Let the state make the common sense long hanging fruit rules and take it to court.

Personally as a gun owner I favor some but not all.


Ok, so you're saying that at any time the state congress should be able to change the constitution on a whim? The Dillon rule you reference does not apply in this case, at least it shouldn't according to the state Constitution.


No. It isn't frightening.


It is to the factually ignorant and perpetually offended.


Ms. Uphaus, please educate yourself:

"High voltage weapons"?? Are those located next to the "assault clips"?


Mea culpa: that wording was taken from the Star editorial previously cited. If you have questions with the wording I suggest you take it up with the source: the author of the editorial. I confess to not knowing much about guns beyond the fact that they are lethal weapons best used for hunting wildlife, not people. Kathy Uphaus


If you don't know much about guns, then why are you even talking about them?


Exactly! Stop listening to the virtue signalers and find someone that will sit down with you and address your concerns. Gun bans do not work because criminals don't care about stupid laws that disarm law-abiding citizens.


"endorsed by most Virginians"...can you cite the source of this? Because it would seem, from the number of localities passing resolutions and such based on their constituency's disapproval, that perhaps this is your opinion being presented as fact.


My source is cited: the results of the recent State wide election. The number of localities is a factor resulting from demographics and the unfortunate urban/rural divide our country as a whole must come to grips with.


There was a rural/urban divide in Russia during the Bolshevik revolution and the ensuing civil war. In general, the Bolsheviks were urban while the rural populations were not. While some rural groups were anarchists or other radicals, most of the rural population was of a more conservative bent. Stalin, in later years, led a campaign to "break the back" of the peasants through terror, violence, and starvation, particularly in Ukraine.


Ms. Uphaus must also come to grips with her ignorance on gun ownership and the myth that law-abiding gun owners are somehow a threat. Should we reduce the availability of forks and spoons to stop obesity?


That's the difference between you and us, you're willing to "come to grips" when it comes to your rights. Untill you have a statewide vote on the matter, your "majority of Virginians" comment is pure speculation. I will not come to grips with my rights being watered down due to a lack of a representative who shares the same values.

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