To the owner, operations manager, and lawn care team at Handley Crossing,

I just wanted to thank you for scheduling your lawn maintenance at 6 a.m. every Sunday. The sound of weedwackers roaring in echoed unison off the brick walls lining the streets are a delight to be awakened by. Since most of the residents on West Bond Street generally look towards Sunday's as a day of rest before the work week starts, we all anticipate the early start you provide to the day with the buzzing and whirring of yard tools. Often, we discuss with each other how happy we are that you are there at increased decibels to help us begin our days off with a start.

Last Thursday morning's 6:15 a.m. leaf blowing expedition while it was still dark out was especially enjoyable!

Thanks again for considering all your neighbors when scheduling your lawn care. The residents of West Bond Street thank you.

Lauren Hawley


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