I just want to express my appreciation for the most unusual sports photograph I have ever seen.

A photo in the June 30 edition of The Star depicts James Wood alumna Renee Rosso practicing her javelin throw in front of Handley High. The photo was taken from dead ahead, so the javelin, which she is throwing righthanded, is almost entirely hidden by her left arm, which also obscures most of her face.

The school building in the background is badly blurred, so there’s really nothing to see in that regard either. I used to throw the javelin a little bit, and in those days we reckoned that standing directly in front of a javelin thrower was unwise inasmuch as the javelin is derived from the spear, which for thousands of years has been widely employed as an implement for killing people.

Most newspapers would publish a photo made from the side, so the reader could see the javelin and the athlete’s face, an approach that has the added effect of not putting the photographer’s life at hazard. But The Star clearly has embraced the avant-garde, and I just wanted to say “Bravo!”

Paul Culp

Stephens City

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