Well, Mr. Sherry (March 1 Open Forum), why are you wailing now over the condition of your Republican Party? It is a party of your own creation.

In 2016, you and others like you frolicked to the polls and elected Trump and now you’re stuck with him. What can you do? Take responsibility. I understand that is an alien concept among Republicans.

In the next elections, make sure Trump sycophants and others who align themselves with Trump are not elected or re-elected.

You now have a party of fringe groups, racists, and those who thrive on lies and conspiracies. QAnon? Really? You have no one to blame but yourselves.

Trish Conk

Frederick County

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👍. Aren’t we fortunate that Joe Biden is our president. We might just beat this plague without hundreds of thousands of more deaths.

john brown

Enough vaccine for every American by the end of May. Science and competency have returned to the US government.Thank you President Biden.

tRump was/is an incompetent dumb ask.

Ken Kovach

Trish Conk, great letter!

john brown

Trish Conk for Frederick County Supervisor!!!!! Bring decency and sanity back to Frederick County.


Aren’t we lucky! 🥰. Anything’s better than a sociopathic, narcissistic, pathological liar, racist, bigot, and disgusting sexual predator and cheat who’s not man enough or mature enough to admit he lost an election. Keep wallowing in your lies and conspiracies. Alice’s Insane Wonderland will be a very lonely place.

He’s a loser on several layers and this country is thankful 🥳to be rid of him. There was no fraud. Please find a family member who will do an intervention for you and free you from this cultic brainwashing.


You socialist cheated and look what we are stuck with....president brain-dead biden and come-along harris.

Spock Here

Local Q terrorist says what?


The name-calling party strikes again.

john brown

ducks are ducks phil

john brown

gore( and there are no mountains in gore, just hills) you forgot your standard ending love line ..."buy a gun." lol


Amen! Who in there right mind would vote for someone who wants open borders? SMH!

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